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What's the World?

What's the World?

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Product Notes

"We are living in a world in crisis. But within each of us lives the ability to create the world of our dreams. My music is about the richness, the struggle, and the beauty of living in such a world, as it reveals the dramas and nuances that create life through intimate musical storytelling." ~ Aaron Nicholson ARTIST'S BIO Aaron Nicholson was born and raised in Helena, Montana where he began playing piano at nine and acting on the theatrical stage at the age of twelve. Aaron recently performed an outdoor concert at Union Square Park in New York City staged by Artists for Human Rights, an organization dedicated to promoting the Universal declaration of Human Rights, which was spearheaded by Eleanor Roosevelt. Musically directed and conducted by the world's top arranger, David Campbell, and hosted by actress Anne Archer, the concert exposed over 3000 people to the human rights message. When he was fifteen, a friend sold Aaron a classical guitar for twenty bucks. Since then, he has studied with masters, written over eighty songs and performed at venues across the US. And with over ten years of theatrical training, Aaron has a rich and diverse background in theatre which he seeks to integrate into all of his performances. Ed Asner has called him "no cheap date," David Campbell has called him "amazing," Lilith Fair competition winner Deedee O'Malley has said "Aaron's music stops time," and one fan wrote, "Aaron, your deep thoughts have been a godsend as I go through difficult times in my life. In my time of crisis, approached by winds of disquiet and storms of uncertainty, your music has comforted me like a beacon in darkness." Aaron's 2003 debut EP What's the World..? showcases Aaron's classical training and folk music upbringing (Body Story, What's the World..?) as well as his modern pop and alternative rock influences (Melissa, The World's Not Going to End) to culminate in a powerful soundtrack for the unleashing of a new spirit. A new record is forthcoming in 2007. ARTIST'S STATEMENT I believe that humanity is at a great crossroads. Because of our success at manipulating the natural world to our benefit with little regard to the consequences, we have come to a point where we are about to exceed the planet's ability to sustain us. This is happening in the natural world in terms of worldwide epidemics, a shrinking ozone layer, increasing extinction, and melting ice caps, as well as in society with the rise of terrorism, weapons proliferation, increasingly divisive political structures, decreasing satisfaction with daily life, and a rising disparity in the quality of life. It is my belief that while our great success as a species has caused many problems, it has also created many opportunities for us to transcend these problems and create a better world: one that offers abundance to those who strive for it and assistance to those in need, while maintaining a sustainable and ever more abundant and exciting future for generations to come. I believe that a positive future relies not on the success of any particular political party or social group, but on the personal choices of each of us, as well as the choices that we relay through our governments, corporations and other powerful institutions. Furthermore, I believe that the unleashing of human creativity across the entire spectrum of society is key to a choice for a better world and that such a choice is the very nature of evolution. We are living and choosing our evolution in real time. It is my mission as an artist to reveal the choices that face us as people living in such a world in crisis and to give a human face to them by relating my own journey towards evolution through intimate musical storytelling. My songs are about joy, passion, sadness, despair, sex, politics, evolution, and ultimately the upliftment of the human species one person at a time. It is my hope that through them, I can contribute to helping us make the choices that lead to a better future for each of us in such a way that transcends our individual differences and unites us as people on a journey towards ourselves.


Artist: Aaron Nicholson
Title: What's the World?
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 09/01/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 825346561721
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