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No Such Thing

No Such Thing

  • By Abandon Theory
  • Release 11/03/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £13.68

Product Notes

Should You Abandon Theory? Article by: Nathan Patrick Why is it assumed we only listen to ONE type of music? Why does every radio station play the same music over and over? When I go to see a band I get bored after a couple songs because everything starts to sound the same! Then I heard Abandon Theory. Not only an amazing northern California band, but also a new concept in music creation, Abandon Theory is impossible to label. Each song is played in a different musical style and is also performed in ever-evolving arrangements. Special guests have been known to make unannounced visits to the stage but the 5 guys in Abandon Theory can easily hold their own. Rock, Reggae, Funk, Folk, the band mixes up an evening like a jukebox on LSD. The lead singer, Jesse Burns, was originally going to Sacramento State University's School of Music, but after an argument with his teacher over what defines "music", Jesse revolted by creating Abandon Theory. After meeting three other like-minded musicians they sat down to record an album. "No Such Thing" was not only one of the title tracks, but was also an appropriate name for the album because as soon as it was completed, the electric guitarist ran off to Japan. The band morphed into a three-piece with bassist John Bellizia and drummer Randy Aldred. After completing a national tour, the guys went back into the studio to record "As Perfection". When the CD was completed life drew John, Randy, and Jesse onto separate paths. John moved to Texas and Randy to Los Angeles. Tasked with recreating the band, Jesse met Rudy Paiva, a long time reggae drummer, and together they began to perform with an array of musicians. Eventually deciding on a 5 piece band, Abandon Theory is returning to the studio to record a third album. Promising to deliver more variety than the first two CDs combined; the new recording will feature Jesse Burns on vocals and rhythm guitar, Rudy Paiva on drums, Jim Holden on bass, Eric Sutton on the electric, and John Bellizia on banjo and percussion. Listening to Abandon Theory is like finally having an all access pass to the amusement park while everyone else is forced to ride the Merry-Go-Round. With lyrics that will quickly draw you into the Abandon Theory world, to the Frenzy inspiring dance music of "The Journey" and "Gotta Woman", the band has sought to provide more diversity to the music scene while forcing listeners to question common perceptions. They are one of northern California's living treasures just waiting to be discovered by those with the spirit and strength to Abandon Theory.


Artist: Abandon Theory
Title: No Such Thing
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/03/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 751937246923
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