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Ace Boom Koon

Ace Boom Koon

  • By Ace Boom Koon
  • Release 19/10/2004
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £15.04

Product Notes

Delivery, lyrics, catchy hooks, and hot tracks are what Ace Boom Koon represents today. With his new soon to be hit single and video Fat bottom Girl Ace plans to put the Rap world into an uproar. Ace has the ability to make music that people want to dance to in the clubs, and on the flip side he is also able to create music to make one think about the struggles people face in their live. Unfortunately, to get to this point in his life he had to endure many painful moments. Ace started hustling in the street at the rip old age of fourteen. While in the streets Ace involved himself and seen many depressing and traumatic scenes that resulted in the type of songs he started to write. His first song Chrome on the hip was a testament of what was required to survive in the game. Along side his friend Kemo they formed the group Kato. Together they created an EP that didn't sell enough units worth mentioning but Ace's talent was undeniable. He had a voice that you felt and hard hitting lyrics that put you right in the action. This was further evident in his first solo record Recycle. This song showed the potential Asa had as a solo artist. His new pursuit of fame came with a new understanding of the music industry; years of in the street game, and a whole new mature consciousness of music. His lyrics told many street stories of his pursuit of the American Dream through crime. Focused to make it in the rap game he poured his money into making music and learning the industry. Unfortunately, he could not find the production that complemented his music as well as he wanted. And he only had the desire to write serious lyrics about the streets, which was hard to promote at that time. Ace was then faced with the decision of making a move to Florida to make money or staying in Philly to pursue a career in music. On a power move down south Ace continue to hustle and was introduced to the lingerie modeling business. During a 'business transaction' Ace shot it out with would be robbers, which resulted in a bullet to his head, which fortunately didn't do any major damage to him or his ability to write music. Ace moved back to Philadelphia with many experiences to write about and a new level of focus to make it in the music industry. Ace came back to North Philly and got in the booth and in just a month created ten songs. He put out his first solo promotional single 'Tropical Positions'. During this promotion Ace did many shows one of which was at LaSalle University Local Talent Showcase. Although, everything was moving along in his pursuit to create a buzz for himself everything was halted when the cops broke down the doors and shut down his moneymaking operation. Ace again fled to Florida in order to avoid the law. While in Florida Ace worked a 9 to 5 and at night ran an escort service called Elegant Escorts. Ace was then presented with the opportunity to open his own lingerie modeling shop. With no hesitation he made his lingerie shop a very lucrative business that again allowed him to continue to create music and invest in promoting himself. Asa now creates songs that have mass appeal. His music shows a new level of diversity and versatility that makes for a new formula of success. He has finally found a hot producer that has helped him achieve the goal he has always strived for a Hit record. Once you hear it and see the video I am sure you will agree. Fact Sheet Artist Ace Boom Koon Record Label The Bilderberg Records Producers At War Production Company Dimensional Sound Song Fat Bottom Girl Album Ace Boom Koon Birthplace Philadelphia, Pa Current Residence Tampa, Flordia area Occupation Business Owner Events and Releases Fat Bottom Girl Music video Ace Boom Koon the Album. Kill For Music video Hip Hop 411 interview.


Artist: Ace Boom Koon
Title: Ace Boom Koon
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 19/10/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 825346266527
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