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My Salute

My Salute

  • By Adam Beverly
  • Release 23/09/2003
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £7.87

Product Notes

My name is Adam Beverly. I am a singer-songwriter born and raised in Merced, California. Americans around the globe have come together like few other times in history with an enormous amount of visible patriotism. With flags on our houses, cars and clothes, we are not shy to say that we are proud of our country. This is the heart of America, and this is the heart of my song, My Salute. I wrote My Salute on January 11-12, 2000. The song is my salute to the troops that protect our country and our country's ideals, so that we and the world can come closer to living in peace. The song has proven to be emotional for many listeners, as it deals with the ultimate price that some soldiers pay for our freedom. My inspiration for the song comes from my own family; my brother, Sgt. Jason E. Beverly (who served proudly with the US Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom), and my Dad, Raymond E. Beverly, Lt. Col, USAF, (Ret). Musically, I believe that My Salute is appealing to young and old. It is American, and although we are all different, being American is a strong tie. This song comes to you when thousands of families around the country and world are dealing with the reality of war. I believe that this song shows unending support for our troops and firm belief in our cause. It is a song that can teach our children, strengthen our troops, and offer solemn respect for those who do not come home from war, and the for families that are left behind. Downtown and To You are two of my favorite songs that I have written. Downtown talks about one of those nights that many of us have experienced...being one place with some people and wishing we were another place with different people. To You shows the more modern side of my songwriting. Although it is still based around the guitar and vocals, it uses some more instrumentation to express the feelings. Thanks for you time!


Artist: Adam Beverly
Title: My Salute
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 23/09/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057927329
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