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Late As Usual

Late As Usual

  • By Adam Cahn
  • Release 05/04/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £8.89

Product Notes

Boulder, Colo.-based artist Adam Cahn propels his music of the 1980s and '90s into the 21st century with his compelling EP debut release, Late As Usual, featuring four original works. Cahn, along with his crew of musical pros, hit the studio in 2003, spurred on by friends who spent years listening to his 4-track demos and wanting more. Cahn is backed by a remarkable team of studio stars: Ricardo Peña (Milestone and solo career and producer) on guitars and backing vocals, Christian Teele of E-Town on drums, and Doug Haywood of Jackson Browne fame, on bass and backing vocals. This group of musicians combined technical and artistic skill to create the sound Cahn envisioned from the day he started scribbling song lyrics and chord progressions in high school. Indeed, Cahn's tracks, dating to the heady days of 1980s pop music, continue to rock nearly two decades later. Their appeal crosses generations with ease, drawing raves from pre-teens, the college rock and alternative crowd, and even those aging hipsters who knew Cahn growing up, now warily eyeing their 40s. Attentive listeners will hear Cahn's key artistic influence, The Beatles, in his music, as well as some of the great rock of the 1960s, '70s and '80s that inspires him to this day. Cahn brings a lifelong performance background to his tracks as well, with work on classical piano, classical and jazz saxophone, and all genres of guitar. Now, check out and enjoy the results of Cahn's long-awaited professional debut. The EP: **Saturday Is Here** exhibits a Beatles and quasi-Beach Boy quality with it's layered harmonies, signature guitar lick, and upbeat message about getting through the work week to enjoy the beginning of the weekend. **It's You** begins as a gentle ballad evolving into a rock anthem reminiscent of giants of the genre, such as Aerosmith. The lyrics reflect the romantic tensions of a promising relationship, a tension echoed by the chord progressions and chord changes between verse and chorus. **I Just Can't Say Goodbye**, a classic hard rocker in the familiar vein of boy-has-girl-trouble, laced with powerful guitar solos. Incorporating 80s hard rock influences, Cahn pulls out every trick in the book during his blistering riffs, effectively blending the mix of tricks for an enjoyable, rockin' ride. **What I Had** offers an opening surprise, kicking off with a chorus of a pleading boy to a once-burned-twice-shy girl, communicated through a single electric guitar and vocals, all building into an explosive force carried by the entire band. The piece grabs you from the start, holds you throughout and leaves you wanting more. Before long, this will be the song you're singing.


Artist: Adam Cahn
Title: Late As Usual
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 05/04/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 620673248327
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