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Pandora's Boombox

Pandora's Boombox

  • By Aesthetics Crew
  • Release 19/05/2009
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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What your favorite DJ's saying about the Aesthetics Crew: 'The beats slap hard like my mommas hand on my ass when she spanked me back in the days. Dope rhymes too!' -KRVX 91.7FM 'They carry vibes like West Coast greats such as P.U.T.S. and Living Legends, but carry their own unique styling which makes it oh so sweet...' -WKDU 91.7FM "Very nice production full of bounce and hard snare. The rhyme flow is Alkaholiks-esque and 'Funk Bros' is one of our favourite tracks these days! Do not miss this!!" (London) "Thank God for the few hip hop groups that still keep it 'real'. Whilst the rest of the world is lost in a fake screen of bling and crunk... Don't believe the hype... THIS is hip hop." "Just finished a tour of the UK where Funk Bros floored the crowd in every club I played at, it was immense. You guys are ace and I need more! Love what you guys are doing - like a breath of fresh air in a stale scene, bring back the funk!" -Adam (The 2012 Show, London) ------------------------------------- The Los Angeles-based Aesthetics crew is here to put the fun back in the funk. In the hallowed brew-school tradition of cup-in-hand rhyming at backyard house parties, Indy, Aidge and DJ Props fuse candid rhymes with melodic beats to create a refreshing sound in the midst of a stagnant hip-hop scene. Somewhere in between "too jiggy for my diamond studded toothbrush" and "so underground it hurts to take off my backpack," they are simply committed to saying whatever is on their minds. From Jazz champions to Hungarian comedians, they have mastered the art of flipping old samples to deliver an entirely unique and personal feeling in their music. The heavyweight combination of Indi's MPC 3000, DJ Props' SP1200, and a warehouse full of records is truly a force to be reckoned with. Firm believers that an MC's delivery should rock like Donald Byrd's horns over his rhythm section, Aidge & Indi's vocals are distinct and powerful. Unlike many artists who separate their lyrics from the instrumental side of the art, the Aesthetics Crew considers their vocals to be like a single instrument amongst the the band. Their lyrics will make you think, laugh, and more than likely, crack a brew. Complemented by DJ Props & DJ Gazoo's nimble fingers, the Aesthetics Crew is the complete package. No gimmicks -- just raw rhymes, neck-snapping beats, and a live show that brings down the house every time. The Aesthetics Crew is exactly what their name implies; they represent everything beautiful about this art form, and won't stop until their names are synonymous with the forefathers they grew up listening to. Let Aesthetics into your eardrum once, and they'll be in your brain for a lifetime...


Artist: Aesthetics Crew
Title: Pandora's Boombox
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 19/05/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 845121005318


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