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Ijinle Ilu

Ijinle Ilu

  • By Afrika Heartbeat
  • Release 16/12/2003
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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MORE ABOUT IJINLE ILU Sikiru Adepoju and Val Serrant, California-based artists of incomparable excellence, have just released their debut CD titled Ijinle Ilu (Original Drumming). The CD is primarily a mix of authentic Afrikan drums and percussion with those of Latin America, and the Caribbean. The result of fusing these cultural backgrounds can only be felt by the listeners to Ijinle Ilu, for as sages say:-' the proof is in the pudding'. Although Sikiru and Val jointly produced Ijinle Ilu, several other top-rated artists collaborated in making the enterprise a success. The focus, according to the producers, is to offer the listening public something special - something they can dance to, and derive pleasure from. Something they can use for meditation purposes-while experiencing rich, educational, centuries-old contemporized traditions: story-telling and communicating through the Drum, and the preserving and passing on to New Generations refreshing, Ancestral wisdom and knowledge. Below is a Who's Who in Afrika Heartbeat: Sikiru Adepoju has had an expansive musical career. He's recorded several albums with Chief Ebenezer Obey and The Inter-Reformers Band, and with O.J. Ekemode and The Nigerian All Stars. Sikiru is a Grammy Award winning member of Mickey Hart's Planet Drum; he also was a key member of Babatunde Olatunji's Drums of Passion. He has entertained audiences in throughout the world, including Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Sikiru also conducts drumming workshops around the world. Val Serrant, who plays the Steelpan (Steeldrum), is a talented musician who has entertained audiences and taught 'from Drum to steel Drum' to students around the world - America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean. Coolness and calmness characterize Val's approach to life and music. He is External Relations Officer of 'Parry's Pan School'-Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago. Giovanni Hidalgo is today regarded internationally as the hottest star in Latin percussion circles. Giovanni descended from a family of drummers, having picked up his first set of bongos when he was three years old. Today, Giovanni is in demand in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He is a Grammy Award-winning member of Mickey Hart's Planet Drum. Saminu Adepoju is Sikiru Adepoju's baby brother, and has, like his brother, become a successful drummer and entertainer. Saminu has traveled practically all over the world as a member of Chief Ebenezer Obey and The Inter-Reformer's Band. Saminu currently lives in London where he plies his art. Bola Abimbola, a Nigerian-born United States resident, is a talented songwriter, singer, and producer. He has written quite a number of songs for many musicians, including the legendary King Sunny Ade, the reigning Juju artist. In 1998, Bola won the Nigerian award for Best Video. His current focus is Fuji-Pop music, which he intends to pursue with characteristic energy and creativity.


Artist: Afrika Heartbeat
Title: Ijinle Ilu
Genre: International
Release Date: 16/12/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829498000015


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