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Wiener Standards

Wiener Standards

  • By Albert Mair
  • Release 19/08/2008
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £13.57

Product Notes

JM-2039-2 \'WIENER STANDARDS\' (2003) Wienerlied meets Swing Albert Mair & friends A new swingy sight on the best of the original Vienna Songs by the Albert Mair Trio (JAQ) and friends. (feat. Richard Österreicher, Paul Fields, Martin Fuss...) The title in two languages describes the music precisely: Almost simultaneosly at a time when Musicals and Classic songs were being written in America for the entertainment branch (from George Gerschwin to Cole Porter and many other songwriters who had come from Vienna and made their homes in the US) the classical "Wienerlied" (from Hermann Leopoldi to Robert Stolz) evolved. Both music forms of the highest quality, differing only in their interpretations. The Philharmonics and Jazz musicians in America presented their songs in perfect completion as far as arrangements, harmonics and instrumentation were concerned and therefore the compositions, popular, inextinguishable and ever-present and became "Standards". In Vienna, on the other hand, the first-class compositions were mostly performed at Heurigen and in Cafes by more or less qualified "Music Makers". The songs became renowned but their true quality remained hidden. What could have been more fitting than to take these rich, equally popular Viennese compositions and interpret them as Standards - "Wiener Standards". The Musicians The Pianist, Albert Mair, son of a violincrafter and violinist, has, so to say, lived Viennese music since his birth. He was able to develop his tendencies for tension-filled harmonies and self-expression by devoting himself to the American art form Jazz. ("With loads of standards") So for him it was a small but logical step to the "Wiener Standard". Heinz Jaeger, an all-round Bassist, comes from a genuine Viennese family and is, not only because of his large sphere of activity, a much sought after bassist but also bilds with heart the basis of the "Wiener Standards". Klaus Göhr, the empathetic Drummer, is responsible for the rhythmic arrangements of the "Wiener Standards" and tranforms the local jargon of the Wiener Lied into the world language of the Standard. The Singer, Peter Valentin, appreciates clear, musical, spontaneous expression and the story-telling element in song, brought about through the lyrics which carress and flatter as well as accentuate the Wienerlied. The Violinist, Paul Fields, One of the finest on his instrument, plays a repertoire which spans at it's highest niveau classical as well as modern musical entertainment. His verve on the instrument most often used to play Wiener Lieder lifts it up to "Wiener Standard". The Saxophonist, Martin Fuss, uses in his Solos his complex virtuous abilities so as to complement the extended harmonic possiblities devoloped by Albert Mair for the Wiener Lieder. His instruments are a modern form of the "Sugar-sweet reed" (das "picksüsses Hölzl) as the C-Clarinet was called by the original Viennese Schrammelquartett. Equally bound by tradition, Richard Oesterreicher plays on the Harmonica, the melodic themes and solos of the "Wiener Standards". His melancholy sound on the "Mouth organ" or as the Viennese call it "Fotzhobel", bring to light the mood of the Wiener Lieder as well as the Viennese.


Artist: Albert Mair
Title: Wiener Standards
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 19/08/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9006317203920
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