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Military Metal

Military Metal

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Price: £10.08

Product Notes

MILITARY METAL contains EXPLOSIVE, hard rock music to inspire our troops and instill fear in the hearts of our enemies. This is hard rock music laced with gun fire, explosions, and the sounds of war. The sounds of battle are complemented with teeth rattling drum beats and guitar riffs. TRACK 2, DOGFIGHT, follows a pilot through an air battle. This one starts out slow at the take-off, but all hell breaks loose when the battle begins. The drums go wild, and the dives and explosions of the aircraft are matched by distorted guitar riffs. In DUSTOFF, soldiers are overrun by the enemy and have to be choppered out. The tune picks up speed all the way through with the drumming getting louder and faster and the guitar riffs heavier and crunchier. With drum roles and funky beats, HEROS OF AMERICA, praises our heroes and let's our enemies know what we will do to defend our freedom. SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS begins with a rising synth which acts like a fuse to ignite an incredible explosion containing the screams and cries of innocent civilians. Guitars crunch over an ambient horror. SEARCH AND DESTROY - It's payback time. We're going to hunt, find, and eliminate the enemy. A drum and bass rap is followed by ominous jazz-like riffs complete with saxes, and heavy drumming through a ground war. VICTORY - A Latin genre tune complete with fireworks to celebrate the occasion. THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER begins with a piano and ends with a distorted guitar and the rockets red glare. PEACE is what we are striving for - peace with freedom and dignity for all. This is a quiet meditative song. Anderson-Detocque-Ville: What is this weird band name all about? Well, there were a lot of Andersons involved in the production of this CD. Andersonville, Georgia is where the National Prisoner of War Museum is located. Alexis DeTocqueville was a Frenchman who, in the 1800's, wrote about the fledgling Democracy in America. Our band name refers to the sacrifices of our troops through the years and the freedom which they have defended. The Anderson-Detocque-Ville band is three cool dudes and one hot mama who can be seen cruising the streets of Honolulu.


Artist: Anderson-Detocque-Ville
Title: Military Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 03/09/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 803597008929
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