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Spoken and the Unspoken

Spoken and the Unspoken

  • By Andy Timmons
  • Release 09/09/2012
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £15.88
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Product Notes

This review is from: Spoken & Unspoken (Audio CD) First off, Andy is a musicians musician, and a guitarists guitarists. I got the CD, and it stayed in my player for 2 weeks. He's is one of those artists that has a mastery of his chosen instrument no matter if it be straight up rock, jazz, eastern, or blues influenced playing. I cannot wait to hear what this guy does next. This review is from: Spoken & Unspoken (Audio CD) ***** 5 out of 5 stars ***** When you reach the level of guitar playing that TIMMONS has, it is almost like there is nowhere left to go. Yet every release shines with endless inventiveness and not just noodling and chops that are designed to impress. This man writes the classical musik of the future. His compositions stand head and shoulder above all but a couple of contemporaries ( HOEY and FIRKINS - maybe ) Even his songs are excellent and his voice is pretty good as well. Different, but just as superb as THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW. If you like the guitar, you should have all this mans releases in your collection as he is the benchmark by which all others should be measured. SIMPLY STUNNING!!!!!! This review is from: Spoken & Unspoken (Audio CD) ***** 5 out of 5 stars ***** Five stars are not enough for this amazing CD, Andy breaks it here with his best album yet. Andy is hands down one of the best guitar slingers out there, in the same category with Vai, Satch and Eric Johnson, even toping them at times, always chosing the right notes. Andy sings and plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass and fretless bass, electric sitar and E-bow - a tapping like guitar instrument, all with ease and virtousity to burn. The album is full of amazing instrumental tunes and a few songs, The guitar freaks need'nt worry couse' these songs are amazing, melodic and shred heavy. The instrumental tracks will without a doubt hit you mercyless and leave you begging for more, he ripps on blues-rock-fusion thruout, plays a beutiful Spanish guitar track, a mournful ballad and a sad lullaby. For the fusion fans out there a very special guest appears on this CD, the amazing drummer Simon Phillips (Andy plays on his CD's 'Another lifetime' and the live 'Out of the blue'), who brought his band along to back Andy on a storng fusion track that Simon has written for the CD, as well as the closer a live version of 'Cry for you' my pick for the best track on the album. Andy definately matured to his own sound and it shows on this very recommended CD. This review is from: Spoken & Unspoken (Audio CD) ***** 5 out of 5 stars ***** I was fortunate to get a copy of this directly from Andy before it's US release. Being familiar with all of his other solo works, I was eagerly anticipating this release. I think this ranks as the best solo disc from Andy, even given his other very good discs. This disc shows a great balance of vocals and instrumentals. Andy's voice is developing quite well and really fits well with his guitar playing. Musically, the disc covers a lot of ground. And the songs really build well. I'm particularly fond of 'Happenin' '68' - the ebb and flow of that song is great. Andy also breaks out the acoustic guitar in spots, too. Overall, if you've ever enjoyed any of Andy's work, I think you'll be very impressed with what he's accomplished on this disc.


Artist: Andy Timmons
Title: Spoken and the Unspoken
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 09/09/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 733792313422