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Rivers from the Sun

Rivers from the Sun

  • By Bob Grubel
  • Release 27/10/2005
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Bob Grubel is a singer and songwriter with 10 recorded CD's of his own music to date. Bob's latest CD, Red Ripe Apples, is a blend of fine musicianship with Bob's matured writing to create a group of songs that are satisfying in their appeal across gender, age and musical tastes. The music moves from simple phrases to large textures with Bob's gutsy baritone voice and funky/smooth piano pointing the way. From blues (Bad Back Blues) to soft rock (Medicine Wheel) to new age (Are You Dreaming Now) this CD will surprise and delight. This is Bob's tenth project and his first with live studio performances on several songs. With the release of Dance When Your Soul Brings You Near,in late 2006, Bob has put together a compelling group of songs centered on the experience of love in this world, with great performances from many of the finest musicians living in the mid-Atlantic area. This project was completed over six months with Bob working with the Awakened Studio group in Roanoke Va. The songs on this CD reflect Bob's maturing musical capabilities and diverse styles that continue to be expressed in his songs. These songs have a richness and depth that calls in the listener to his or her own inner experience and prompts many a smile or tear. On his instrumental 'New Age' CD titled Rivers From the Sun. Bob plays keyboards, guitar, native American flute,recorder and harmonica. Bob's main instrument is the piano which he has played since his youth.. Bob often plays lengthy spontaneous selections and has 'channeled' music for others during healing ceromonies, both vocal and instrumental. 'Rivers From The Sun', is a compilation of instrumental selections that he has written or 'channeled' in 2003. This CD is recieving great praise from those who have purchased it. Bob performs all the tracks except for Nightshades which is a live track with his group Grace Note including Martin Scudder on electric violin and Tom Williams on acoustic guitar. Bob is a certified massage therapist and works with developmentally challenged individuals. His work as a massage therapist gave him understanding of what musical expressions enhance healing. The music on Rivers From the Sun came surrounded by the intention to be of use for relaxation, inspiration, meditation and during massage and energy work. Praise for Rivers from the Sun: We listened today and just love it. The CD is perfect background music for making a spiritual connection. Good ol' serenity. - Lou and Brant It's really beautiful. It is so much more musically interesting than other things in the genre, and I love your playing. - Betsey Alexander It's great; I really like it...very meditative. I play it at the office and also in the car. I really appreciate the breadth of your talent. I think I'll play it right now. - Celeste Bob, I got your CD and think it's GREAT. Very nice work. Ambient easy listening instrumentals are candy for my soul, so thanks. - Frank Dieter I played it for 2 straight days and meditated to it the second morning. I love it! - Amy Adams As a singer/songwriter Bob Grubel has appeared in many venues over his lifetime of song. As early as 7 years old he began singing in church and local choirs. He appeared with choirs in Carnegie Hall and St. John's Cathedral in New York City. Throughout his twenties and thirties he sang with several folk/rock bands and began to explore writing music. Bob began recording in 1987 releasing three early albums on cassette only. In 1991 he released his first CD titled Lifetimes and Ages. This CD contains beautiful, full arrangements with soaring vocal selections and rich tonal qualities enhanced by great acoustic performances. In 1994 he released his first CD with Grace Note, the trio he plays with, titled I Always Dreamed of Flying. Bob has performed with the trio since 1991 in many venues across the middle Atlantic states. Bob and Grace Note have performed at many Unity Churches throughout the southeast as well. In 2001 Grace Note also released The Fragrance of the Rose. Their style has become very recognizable in large part due to the soaring violin work of Martin Scudder and the rich harmonies created by the blend of their three voices. After 14 years together, this band cooks. In 1997 he released another solo effort, Keep the Light Burning. This CD has many guest musicians and three tracks with a choir. What some have said about this CD: 'I love your music. Like wings it lifts and carries' Kay Robbins, Roseland Va. 'Bob, your music is a gift. As it fills my spirit with the light, it reminds me to laugh, live, and love.' Linda Crist, Lynchburg, Va. His lyrical content has always been chosen to uplift the listener and many songs come as if a gift of greater understanding is being offered for Bob as well as the listener. Sometimes profound, sometimes simple the lyrics will open tears, laughter and familiar smiles. During the last thirty years music and song have come to Bob in many different ways. He has received 7 songs in his dreams all of which contain powerful lyrics about how to live in this time of challenge and change. Bob lives in Floyd Va. where he has resided since 1980.


Artist: Bob Grubel
Title: Rivers from the Sun
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 27/10/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479185403


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