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Rascal Fair

Rascal Fair

  • By Brad Leftwich
  • Release 01/04/2011
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £12.11
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Product Notes

'The Hogwire Stringband plays it swift and sweet. They can blaze along with very best of today's old-time bands, but what sets them apart is their subtle understanding of the music. They love these old traditions and pay them great respect with their modern versions. Of course, Brad Leftwich is a renowned old-time fiddler, but Hogwire is not just a showcase for his playing. The players meld effortlessly and their songs and harmonies are some of the album's highlights.' --Hearth Music Superb fiddling, tight harmonies, high energy, and a direct link with tradition infuse the Hogwire Stringband's brand of American roots music. Widely known as a master of authentic Southern fiddling, Brad Leftwich anchors the band on fiddle and vocals, with longtime musical partner Linda Higginbotham providing driving support on banjo uke and five-string. Hogwire also includes two fresh faces on the circuit, Joel Lensch and Marielle Abell. Ex-punk-rocker Joel retooled his chops in Portland, the old-time music capital of the West, where he developed his powerful backup guitar style and all-out vocal delivery. Marielle emerged on the scene as a clogger with the highly acclaimed dance troupe Rhythm 'n Shoes and has since funneled her considerable talent into old-time bass and singing. Track notes and some lyrics included below. All tunes traditional except Rascal Fair (Abell & Higginbotham/ Gordon Rush Music, BMI). Additional words and/or musical arrangements of traditional tunes: Rabbit in the Lowland (B. Leftwich/Gordon Rush Music, BMI); Sally Johnson (B. Leftwich/Gordon Rush Music, BMI); Who's on the Way (Leftwich & Higginbotham/Gordon Rush Music, BMI); Death's Dark Train (Leftwich & Higginbotham/Gordon Rush Music, BMI). 1. Rabbit in the Lowland - Brad found this cut of George "Shortbuckle" Roarke on a tape of field recordings sent to him by Kerry Blech. Brad added what words he couldn't make out and arranged this appealing tune about love and rabbits. Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: all. 2. Rascal Fair - Marielle was moved to write this beautiful melody after reading Ivan Doig's book Dancing at the Rascal Fair. Linda added the words, dedicated to anyone who has ever lost a loved one. Sung by Marielle and Brad. 3. Sally Johnson - Brad's version of this classic fiddle tune was 40 years in the making. 4. Shout Lula - Garry Harrison inspired us to go back and listen to Joe Birchfield again. Lead vocal: Joel; harmony: Linda, Marielle. 5. Lost Indian - From Ed Haley. 6. Let Me Fall - A Tommy Jarrell classic, sung by Marielle and Joel. 7. Who's on the Way - Brad & Linda arranged this song from one of Peter Hoover's field recordings of Dan Tate of Fancy Gap, Va. (Now available from the Field Recorder's Collective). Linda wrote two new verses. Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: all. 8. The Last of Callahan - Brad's not sure where he picked up this eastern Kentucky fiddle tune. 9. I've Got a Bulldog - From Fields Ward's Buck Mountain Band, we added some verses inspired by workers recorded on Lomax's Prison Songs. Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: all. 10. Big-Eyed Rabbit - One of Brad's favorite tunes he learned from Tommy. Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: Joel, Marielle. 11. Hell up Cole Holler - Ken Perlman steered us to the Henry Reed recording, collected by Alan Jabbour. 12. Fall on My Knees - Joel and Marielle's fresh take on an old Round Peak chestnut. 13. Susan's Gone - Brad found this Emma Lee Dickerson tune on the digital library of Appalachia after one of his students wanted to learn it. Marielle whoops it up. 14. Say, Darling, Say - Brad and Marielle sing another song he learned from Tommy, with a few extra "mockingbird" verses. 15. Sun's Gonna Shine - Keith Little revived our interest in this Carter Family / Flatt & Scruggs favorite. Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: Joel, Marielle. 16. Death's Dark Train - Based on the Dock Boggs version of "Little Black Train." Lead vocal: Brad; harmony: Marielle, Joel. (At the tail end Brad and Linda play "Glory in the Meeting House" with Marielle on feet.) Artwork and graphic design by Joel Lensch Photography by Greg Clarke Recorded by Chip Reardin at Airtime Studios, Bloomington, Ind. Printed by Stumptown Printers, Portland, Ore. 100% recycled paper and vegetable ink. RABBIT IN THE LOWLAND (trad, arr & add words B. Leftwich/Gordon Rush Music, BMI) RABBIT IN THE LOWLAND, SITTING IN THE SAND (2X) BEFORE THIS NIGHT IS OVER, I'LL HAVE HER IN MY HAND RABBIT IN THE LOWLAND, BLUEBIRD IN THE SKY (2X) I HOPE I LIVE FOREVER, MY TRUE LOVE NEVER DIE DON'T YOU HEAR IT THUNDER, DON'T YOU HEAR IT ROAR (2X) DON'T YOU HEAR ME COMING BOYS, SHOOTIN' MY 44 GOING UPON THE MOUNTAIN, I'LL PLANT ME A PATCH OF CANE (2X) I'LL MAKE A BARREL OF MOLASSES TO SWEETEN OLD MARY JANE DARK CLOUD ARISING, IT SURE DO LOOK LIKE RAIN (2X) I'LL HITCH A RIDE TO BEDFORD TO SEE OLD MARY JANE I WENT UP ON THE MOUNTAIN, AND LOOKED BACK DOWN THE PLAIN (2X) IT LOOKED SO DARK AND HAZY, I'M BOUND TO GO AGAIN RABBIT IN THE LOWLAND, SITTING IN THE SAND (2X) BEFORE THIS NIGHT IS OVER, I'LL HAVE HER IN MY HAND RASCAL FAIR (words L. Higginbotham/music M. Abell/Gordon Rush Music, BMI) 1.Glory Hallelujah, shouted my soul, The first time I saw you by my side. Little then I knew how the story'd unfold, My heart only told me you were mine. First chorus: You taught me to love, gave wings to my soul, You made out of fragments a whole, Oh, rivers may burn, but I'll never turn, For the heart must stay tender, not cold. (break) 2.Now you've gone and left me, I'm so forlorn, A vagrant, a stray without a home. No one knows my sorrow, or how I mourn, In silence I wander all alone. Second chorus: You taught me to love, gave wings to my soul, You made out of fragments a whole, Oh, how can I last, when all things shall pass? Yet the heart must stay tender, not cold. (break) Third chorus: You taught me to love, gave wings to my soul, You made out of fragments a whole, And now you are gone, and I must move on- With a heart that is tender, not cold. (Repeat last 2 lines) WHO'S ON THE WAY (trad., arr & add words, Leftwich & Higginbotham/Gordon Rush Music, BMI) 1. Oh silver stars are rising, and the moon's a-getting low Got my banjo on my knee and ten long miles to go (2x) Chorus: Who's on the way, who's on the way Who's on the way, I wish I had a dram Who's on the way, who's on the way Who's on the way, I'll get there if I can 2. Cold frosty morning, I am bound to go Shoe tied up with a grapevine, and frostbite on my toe (2x) (Chorus) 3. If I had as many diamonds as starfish in the sea I'd give them all to you my dear if you would come with me (2x) (Chorus) 4. Leaping up the mountain, skipping on the hill If you get there before I do, just know I'm climbing still (2x) (Chorus) 5. Sun's a-rising thru' the pines, I've walked so far afield My aching body's all broke down, my mind's a spinning wheel (2x) (Chorus)


Artist: Brad Leftwich
Title: Rascal Fair
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 01/04/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880074199325