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Six Strings & a Dream

Six Strings & a Dream

  • By Brian Lorente
  • Release 02/09/2003
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Bio Information: Brian Lorente Since early childhood Lorente has been entertaining and singing to crowds of all types. His first singing experience was in his church choir in his hometown of Moran, Michigan. He continued performing throughout his elementary and high school years until graduation in 1996 from LaSalle High in St. Igance, Michigan. His first night gig singing country music occurred during his freshman year at Olivet College. From there, Lorente continued singing in country bars and began competing in and winning karaoke competitions around the state of Michigan. In 2002 Lorente won the Entertainer of the Year award from the Mission of Hope Cancer fund karaoke contest, and that win resulted in his first trip to Nashville, Tennessee. The trip inspired him to push forward with his want and dream of writing and performing his style of country music. Following the trip, Lorente began writing and recording his original music, and in August of 2003 he released his first CD titled 'Six Strings and a Dream.' Since the release Lorente has been performing around the state in solo gigs and in benefit concerts for the Mission of Hope Cancer Fund. He is looking forward to the release of his second CD, an acoustic version of new songs entitled 'Out with the Boys.' Lorente is employed at the VFW National Home for Children where he has worked since May of 2000. He currently serves the Home as a youth worker working directly with the children who live there. In that role, Lorente can be best described as a father figure, doing many of the normal domestic duties most parents would do. Up to some duties that require him to put his college degrees to work. While his job and his music career keep him very busy, Lorente also finds time to enjoy some of his other favorite things, including playing basketball, weight lifting, and staying up on his favorite science fiction shows. Description of originals; 1. Saturday night, This song was what I see as a fun night of letting loose on stage after being trapped in the work week, it is about having fun and doing what feels good. 2.I wish, this song was written for anyone who has looked across the room at someone and wished they could go talk to them only to watch them walk away never to be seen again, only being left saying ' I wish' 3. Six Strings, this song is about anybody who dreams of sitting on stage performing doing what they love. It is about the ruff rode to the stage and where someone goes when they drift away 4. More than me, a song written to thank anyone who inspires you to be more than you are. A inspired by great couples and hopeless romantics. 5. Sweet Music, A karaoke singers anthem, for any time we grab the mic or crank up the car stereo and speed away we are carried away by the music. A song for anyone who knows the power of music and how it can set a mood with just a few beats. 6. Think of Me, a song written for anyone who wonders if the person you think about the most thinks of you. A song written for the romantic in all of us trying to get out. 7. You gotta believe, great rythmn song that says no matter what it can be done, and if you want to do it never let anything or anyone stop you! 8. You'll be Alright, the story of someone struggling with loss, faith, and uncertainty. A story about never giving in and always believing and keeping faith.


Artist: Brian Lorente
Title: Six Strings & a Dream
Genre: Country
Release Date: 02/09/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829757173627


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