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Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

  • By Buddy Comfort
  • Release 04/08/2002
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £17.63
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Product Notes

REVIEWS: BUDDY COMFORT Brother Sun, Sister Moon This gentle, sweet music brings to mind scenes from the movie of the same title. Inspired by the life of St. Francis of Assisi, the movie was beautifully embellished with a soundtrack sung and composed by Donovan. On This Lovely Day, Stone By Stone and the title song are beautifully reborn here with Comfort's honey-warm, eloquently expressive voice. The theme of the spirit of St. Francis permeates thealbum in a very universal way, appropriate to our times when the need for spiritual revival through reunification with nature is obvious. 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon/ I now do see you/ I can hear your tune/ So much in love with all that I survey.' A traditional Shaker hymn, What Wondrous Love is This, gets new life with cosmic elongated echoes and deep slow notes, the vocal sounds suggestive of a large cave. Comfort's own compositions are excellent and on par with his righteous selections. Love Is The Night and I Love My Life are melodic mantras beckoning to be sung as a prayer for transformation, and powerful in their essential affirmative nature. The more complex St. Francis and the Eagle inspired by Comfort's trip to Assisi, Italy, resonates with a universal spirit of oneness with all; 'I am imprisoned here in earthbound flesh and bone/ Have no wings to follow you/ Must remain here alone.' It's difficult to over praise Comfort's warm, expressive flowing voice, always easy to understand, always conveying with nuance of phrase and intonation a powerful connection, a great caring; it's the kind of singing that includes the listener in a loving universe. It can bring a catharsis of emotion, a great desire to sing along, to know the reality of transcendent love. Great for relaxing, singing along (lyrics included), lullaby time for the whole family. Recommended. TECH NOTES: Excellent vocals and recording. Cello, violin, Celtic harp, guitar, synth. Beautiful accompaniments. Other titles: Prayer of St. Francis. Heartsong Review by Acacia ----- Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Tellurian Records) by Buddy Comfort Intimate Balance - Music that lifts our hearts is a touchstone for intimacy with ourselves, gifting us with self-knowledge that can be shared with others Humankind is torn between the need for love, fellowship,and intimacy and the fear of rejection, commitment, and loss. Being open and intimate with another, as well as with ourselves, is the bravest thing we can do. Finding the strength to recognize and appreciate one's inner being, then sharing this joyful discovery with others, leads to reciprocity and true companionship. Music is a tool that can help us develop this intimacy. Music invites us to close our eyes, relax, and spend some quality time with ourselves. At worst, we will receiveabout an hour's worth of entertainment; at best, we will get to journey deep within our souls, permitting the music to touch buried emotions and liberate both fantasy and memory. Music that lifts our hearts is a touchstone for intimacy with ourselves, gifting us with self-knowledge that can be shared with others. I heartily encourage you to listen to the music reviewed here with your lover, spouse, children, friends, family, or even a stranger. Sit comfortably and let the sounds and sights guide you to the commonality that all life shares, found inside your own heart, and recognize the other as yourself. Brother Sun, Sister Moon by Buddy Comfort is one of the best new age vocal albums released, both in intent and performance. Guitarist/vocalist Comfort is committed to the use of song as a vehicle for world peace. His soothing voice and simple arrangements encourage participation, particularly on the three instantly recognizable (and still appealing) Donovan songs from the unforgettably beautiful Zefferelli film of the same name. Comfort's original compositions are just as memorable; their gentle spirituality and reverent warmth have universal appeal. Yoga Journal By P J Birosek ----- BUDDY COMFORT 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon' Years ago, Buddy Comfort was one of the leading voices of New Age songwriter. His tapes were heard on Music From the Hearts of Space. Now 10+ years later, his classic title, 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon' is finally on CD. Buddy's soothing, gorgeous voice and depth of his expression ring through with as much impact as a decade ago. Taking as it's inspiration three songs from the movie of the same name (whose soundtrack was never released or viable), these songs, originally written and sung by Donovan, are more timely and appropriate than ever. Also on the CD is 'Prayer of St. Francis', and original songs like 'Love is the Night: and 'St. Francis and the Eagle.' The title song includes the rich cello of David Darling plus Scottish fidler, Alasdair Fraser. The message is universal in it's appeal and 'focuses on the love reflected through the beauty of nature and human beings who dwell upon the earth seeking a relationship with their creator'. Heartbeats Catalog and Backroads Music Common Ground Spring 2002 By Lloyd Barde ------ 'The world is full of sounds--some cacophonous, some beautiful. Sound is the most subtle and powerful energy form known to us in this dimension. Music is a precious gift. The Muse should be approached and embraced with love. Every sound we make creates a new universe of itself, perhaps brief to us, but eternal to those within it. The sound vibrations around and within us have the potential for harm or help, destruction or creation, dissipation or renewal. It is upon the healing aspect of music that I focus.' - Buddy Comfort Is committed to the use of song as a form of communion and a vehicle for world peace. Composer, songwriter and recording artist, Buddy provides a soothing and nurturing environment for the opening of the Heart through songs of love and nature.' ' I feel such a soothing healing quality in your voice and the music. You are truly gifted, and I hope that you will continue to share and multiply your work so that it can touch many who I know will appreciate and be healed by it' ---Alan Cohen 'I have one recording I play over and over. Thank-you for your beauty!' ---Sola Mt. Shasta, CA 'The only way we can hope to describe Buddy is to wax somewhat poetic. He is a alchemical balladeer whose voice glows with the golden warmth of the sun and silver serenity of moonlight. His vision embraces the majesty of the Earth and the mystery of the Cosmos. He weaves inner and outer space into a tapestry of unity. With the magic of mythical Merlin he heralds the dawn of a new age, touching and healing body, mind, and spirit with love and reverence for all creation. With sublime lyrical sound he reminds us of that which we truly know in the depths of silence.' ---Wil Noffke New Horizons Radio Shared Visions Berkeley, CA 'A man with a gorgeous voice and musical talent.' ---Pacific Sun Buddy Comfort performs original songs with themes inspired by love and nature. He sings and accompanies himself on guitar as well as piano, hurdy gurdy and zither. Specializing in music where beauty, tranquility and joy are the essence Buddy Comfort can provide a personal musical experience for: Private Music and Sound Healing Sessions, Wedding Ceremonies performed with heartfelt depth and beauty,. Spiritual Services Workshops, Retreats and Convocations. Music for Special Celebrations of Life. Cosmic folksinger and songwriter BUDDY COMFORT, SINGER, SONGWRITER, PERFORMER AND RECORDING ARTIST - KNOWN TO MANY AS RETREAT MUSICIAN FOR THE CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF HERBAL STUDIES, HE PERFORMED AT THE FIRST KATE WOLF RETROSPECTIVE CONCERT AT CASWELL VINEYARDS. THE MAN WITH THE RICH AND VELVET VOICE DESCRIBED BY THE PACIFIC SUN AS A 'MAN WITH A GORGEOUS VOICE AND MUSICAL TALENT'. HAS PERFORMED THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA, AS WELL AS CANADA, GLASTONBURY,ENGLAND AND ASSISSI, ITALY. HAS SHARED THE BILL WITH SUCH DIVERSE MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS AS WILLIAM ACKERMAN (WINDHAM HILL RECORDS), STEVEN KINDLER, DANIEL KOLBIAKA, STEVEN HALPERN, LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, IASOS, BRUCE BECVAR, SUSAN OSBORNE (PAUL WINTER CONSORT) AND SUCH VISIONARIES AS MARGARET MEAD, CARL ROGERS, GERALD JAMPOLSKY, SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA, BUCKMINSTER FULLER, AND ROBERT MUELLER (ASST. SECRETARY GENERAL UNITED NATIONS). NEW AGE RETAILER MAGAZINE PLACES BUDDY COMFORT IN THE BEST OF NEW AGE VOCALIST CATEGORY ALONG WITH ENYA, LOREENA MCKENNITT BOBBY MCFERRIN, AND ELIZA GILKYSON. HIS CURRENT RELEASE, 'BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON' ON TELLURIAN RECORDS INCLUDES MUSICIANS DAVID DARLING ON CELLO AND ALASDAIR FRASER ON VIOLIN. WAS RECORDED AT BANQUET STUDIOS IN SANTA ROSA (CO-PRODUCED BY WARREN DENNIS KAHN AND BUDDY COMFORT). DESCRIBED BY RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT AS 'NOT JUST A SONGWRITER, BUT A TRUE CRAFTSMAN OF SONGS'. COMFORT HAS ALSO BEEN DESCRIBED BY MICHAEL AND JUSTINE TOMS OF NEW DIMENSIONS RADIO AS 'ONE OF THE BAY AREA'S FOREMOST PRACTITIONERS OF HEALING MUSIC'. HE IS COMMITTED TO THE USE OF SONG AS A FORM OF COMMUNION AND A VEHICLE FOR INDIVIDUAL AND WORLD PEACE. HE PROVIDES A SOOTHING AND NURTURING ENVIRONMENT FOR THE OPENING OF THE HEART THROUGH SONGS OF LOVE AND NATURE. HE HAS ALSO SERVED AS MUSIC DIRECTOR FOR THE CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING IN KENTFIELD AND UNITY OF THE SPIRIT IN ORINDA. HE HAS PROVIDED MUSICAL SUPPORT FOR CONFERENCE, WORKSHOP AND RETREAT LEADERS AT ESALEN, WESTERBEKE RANCH, MANN RANCH AND ORRS HOT SPRINGS. Biography of Buddy Buddy Comfort is a musician, composer, singer, recording artist, and producer. His latest release of BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON on Tellurian Records, is receiving notable acclaim in the genre of top new age vocal releases (in the company of Enya and Patrick Bernhart). He is known as a performing artist in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It was his trip to Assisi, Italy that inspired his latest release. BACKGROUND AND CONVERSATIONS BUDDY COMFORT My whole life has been about the discovery of what sound has to offer our spirits - that's an exciting life! Buddy Comfort has made his home in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 32 years. He is a composer, singer-songwriter, recording artist, musician, and producer who has long been described as 'one of the foremost practitioners of healing music', by some as 'an alchemical balladeer', and by others as a 'cosmic folk artist'. It doesn't seem to matter who is describing him, in doing so they always seem to create a category that belongs to him alone. In describing his own music, he has offered this: 'Can you remember a time when cares and troubles dropped from you like gentle spring rain? in my music it is my hope that you can experience such a time again.' Musician, composer Julian St. George has described Buddy's music in this way; 'At times it seems his voice washes away everything but the moment in which you experience peace with the Universe and Yourself.' Comfort's music has always been known for it's rare and rich blend of poetry and mythical images and love of nature. It truly does seem as if it carries the very echoes of the soul. It is as if it were meant to provide 'wings for the spirit'. The warm and nuturing melodies are accompanied by an equally fascinating array of instruments including guitar, piano, hurdy gurdy, zither, tamboura, harmonica, Native American drums, and electronic keyboards. Although music has always been the driving force in his life, it parallels his love for nature. He considers long contemplative walks a 'necessity of life'. He also enjoys photography, writing and gardening. Buddy reflects, 'if I had not pursued my life as a musician I might have become a teacher, sharing the interests I love and educating about the concerns I believe in. I also seriously considered going into the medical profession and in fact began studies in pre-med.' Wellness and healing of the whole person have always been a strong interest for him. Throughout the years he has spent valuable time training in alternative approaches to wellness including studies at the California School of Herbal Studies in herbology and natural healing, nurition and wellness training at the Holistic Health Institute in Mill Valley, and training in bodywork at Esalen Institute. It would seem that the way in which his music has developed has been, perhaps the best way to have blended all of his aspirations. As Buddy remembers one of his teachers stating, 'Music is a positive expression of beauty, and beauty itself is a universal medicine.' Comfort's formal music training began at the age of six with studies in classical piano. 'My mother was always a strong supporter of my artistic talents. She saw to it that I had music and art lessons. I developed a deep love for music and a sense of beauty from a very early age. Music also gave me a place to go as a child.. my own secret garden! It's a place I've never wanted to leave since'. Buddy graduated from the University of Akron in Ohio where he majored in Psychology. He is also a graduate of the Firestone Conservatory of Music. His studies there in music theory, music history, classical guitar, and choral singing were 'one of the most beloved times of my life'. He's always had a love for ancient sounds from sources such as nature's symphony, drones, overtone chanting, indigenous polyrythms, early sacred choral music, celtic melodies, and music from the renaissance and baroque periods. Perhaps this is why his music seems to have it's own unique niche as it has become a weaving or a rare blend of the appreciation of some of the richest and most exquisite music throughout all ages that transcends time. Comfort seems a quiet and gentle man, though he has had strong feelings for many years around issues involving the environment. He expresses great delight that the early efforts of what seemed to be from only a few in the vanguard are now becoming stronger and more widespread on the planet. He grieves for the many human and environmental tragedies, but chooses to remain hopeful. He states, 'As greed, shortsightedness, hunger for power, selfishness, and duplicity run amok we all have to keep focused and clear and stay committed to our vision. The vision of a renewed, sustainable, balanced, peaceful, harmonious, natural, sane and healed planet that all can share. To walk in the Beauty Way. To live simply that others may simply live' He goes on to say 'Each one of us has unique talents that can bring about positive change. I've been involved in music all my life; all kinds of music - classical, folk, rock, jazz, world, experimental. I was always drawn to the 'effects' of music and sound. This became more and more the focus of my own work. I have always felt there is a part of humankind that needs 'food' for the 'spirit' that can be fulfilled through music. I've spoken out strongly about the benefits that come from awareness of 'noise pollution' in our environments, and the need to consciously surround ourselves with sounds that soothe, nurture, allow us to steady ourselves - quiet our hearts and recharge our inner resources. Sometimes, that can be silence. Music can take you on many, many wonderful journeys and paths, and no one can argue against the magical effects of the sounds of delighted laughter!' Living close to nature is important to Buddy. His home is nestled in the hills of Northern California. He says he is fortunate to have always lived in beautiful places. 'I think that for many looking outward, embracing the wonders of nature is the first step to being able to look inward to see the wonder and beauty of ourselves.' Buddy feels that now is a great time to be a musician. He comments, 'Receptivity for heart-level music is increasing. People seem to be taking time to be gentle with themselves - and that seems healthy to me; balanced and very necessary in these high stress times'. People are looking inward, listening for guidance and learning to care for themselves - love themselves. That's where it all has to start. Nature has always been there to teach us these lessons. I'd like to think my music can contribute to that.'


Artist: Buddy Comfort
Title: Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 04/08/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656613292723