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Rock Candy

Rock Candy

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Price: £15.42
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Product Notes

A few years ago, two teachers who couldn't help rockin' met two rockers who couldn't help teachin', and the BJC were born. Described as \'the Far Side of music\', the BJC play the coolest, hardest driving, funkiest, most original, funniest, science-themed family music available anywhere. The BJC's highly energetic music encompasses a wide variety of styles, including rock, funk, pop, surf and rap. Their clever songs about weird, fun, intriguing and the sometimes \'gross\' aspects of science have proven enormously appealing to kids, parents and teachers. These talented musicians and vocalists have pioneered a brand of kids\' music that\'s not just for kids. Imagine the attitude of The Simpsons, the natural humor of The Far Side and the talents of a REAL rock band combined with years of science teaching and children's performance experience. BJC songs are dynamic on a musical level, involving many different up-beat multicultural kid-friendly genres. They're also interesting lyrically, with positive humor on science and environmental education topics layered for all ages. They've created educational music that kids often don't realize is educational, because they get so caught up in the cool music, storylines and humor. Even parents report that they enjoy listening to BJC recordings for the four-thousandth time around. Elementary and middle school students love the simple, catchy tunes, "gross" humor, and cool music. Although BJC lyrics are primarily aimed at an audience of approximately 8 years old and up, many 4 year old fans have them memorized, and are able to understand the basics, if not all the jokes and information. Because of this wide age appeal, many entire families become BJC fans, and listen to the music together. \'A combustible brew of hard rock and solid science, from which emanates some memorable musical lessons ... always with a light touch. ... accomplishes (with hot guitar licks and lyrics) what many a more conventional teacher only dreams of drilling into reluctant minds. \'A\'\' Parenting Magazine "I've been exposed to every major children's label, and this is the most exciting thing I've heard!" -Len Moors, Discographer, Intouch group Inc. "It's the 'Far Side' of music" -Debbie Martin, Jr. High School teacher \'There is so much talent and charisma in your group. The only thing I can think of that compares with the kids\' reaction to your show is the way my sister and I reacted to the Beatles. I\'ll be in the front row for any of your concerts\'! Peter Fox, parent of a 4 & 6 year old Each song is it's own distinct 'package', and the drama in each song matches it's musical style. It's almost as if you can see a play unfolding as you listen to the words. The science content has been artistically brought to life and given a personality. Laura Lowell, director of chemistry education, Lawrence Hall of Science The Bungee Jumpin' Cows are COOL! They really rock! James Puett, age 10 "Jeff has been playing that tape at top volume non stop since it arrived." "We all love it" Ginny Evans, mother of a 14 year old As a mother of a six year-old girl, I highly recommend the Bungee Jumpin\' Cows. Not only does my daughter love the music, singing out loud and dancing through the house, the songs\' lyrics have led to discussions of scientific matters that I never would have broached with a child her age. Listening to my daughter explain the songs to her friends is some of the best entertainment I\'ve had in a long time. - Dawn Rogers, mother of a six year old People may wonder what I'm bopping along to in traffic, but I do enjoy the tape. Barbara Hinman, grandmother.


Artist: Bungee Jumpin' Cows
Title: Rock Candy
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 15/10/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 714288016720


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