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Down from Pitswood

Down from Pitswood

  • By Colin Hare
  • Release 26/08/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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For those who don't know, Colin was a member singer and songwriter with classic English sixties pop group, the Honeybus. The band are probably best known for their big hit in 1968 "I can't let Magggie go" however if you investigate further which I strongly urge you to do you will find that there was more than this, much more, basically pure classic songwriting terrific arrangements and spellbinding vocal harmonies. The Honeybus disbanded in 1970 after producing a heap of singles and a classic album called Story (featured in the Mojo Collection). Following this in 1971, Colin recorded a solo album \'March Hare\' which seemingly disappeared as fast as it appeared at the time however it sat in the soil of musical history slowly being discovered by excited music fans like myself who have rightly sat agog and heralded it as an overlooked treasure. Flash forward to the beginning of the year - having met Colin a while before at Abbey Road Studios I was invited to play at the January Felipop festival in Spain as part of his band. Another member was a guy called Andy Morten writer musician extraordinaire and psychedelicatessen a lover of music from the late 60's - he presented both Colin and I with a disc of long lost BBC radio sessions recorded by the Honeybus at various times between 1967 - 1970 indeed so long lost were the tracks that some of them had never been recorded in any other capacity and Colin could barely even remember writing some of them. Over the next few days the disc was listened to and a cunning plan was hatched - why not properly record a couple of tracks from the disc and let them see the light of day - they could be the basis of a splendid EP if put alongside a couple of Mr Hare's recent songs. So after deliberating - our choice was made to record the tracks - \'Incredibly Bad\' and \'Follow the Plan\' from the BBC disc along with Colin's new compositions \'Man in the Office\' and \'Down form Pitswood\'. We now have the result - a new ep called \'DOWN FROM PITSWOOD\' which was mastered in Twickenham by John Astley's sure hand - John is a bit of a legend on the mastering scene - he remastered the Who's back catalogue and produced their album "Who Are You" - yes that legendary. \'Pitswood\' turned out to be a little gem in it's own right - the opening track \'Follow the Plan\' is like putting on a familiar and very comfortable pair of slippers for any Honeybus fans - it's a classic 1970's acoustic pop laced with trademark Honeybus strings and Colin's unmistakable acoustic sound and vocals - a delight. Following on the heels of this is \'Man in the Office\' probably one of the best songs Colin has ever written and what I can only term as pure song, basically it's an artistic bullseye. Highly autobiographical - the story of the break-up of the group - simply amazing. The next song has the unlikely title of \'Incredibly Bad\' it's a classic Honeybus track, shimmering yet mournful - why the Bus didn't record it back in 1968 is anybody's guess but ultimately it's no loss - Colin sounds every bit as fresh vocally as he did back then. The EP closes with the title track a wonderful cod country English bike ride which treads similar territory to the more country leanings of \'March Hare\' .....they've brought the essence of what Colin does brilliantly and put into cinemascope and technicolour - I'm enormously proud to have worked on it\'.- DUNCAN MAITLAND 2007.


Artist: Colin Hare
Title: Down from Pitswood
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 26/08/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 8437006208086


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