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Aventurire Accidentelle

Aventurire Accidentelle

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BIOGRAPHY DANIELLE HÉBERT Far away from the bustle and noise of big cities, near her horses and fireflies, in the rural village of St Mathias in Quebec, Danielle grew up. Music flows constantly in the house and she naturally begins to express herself through music studying Classical and Jazz guitar. She sings in local choirs and writes countless pages of prose and stories. This was the foundation on which she built her musical vision. Her influences are many. From the Beethoven symphonies which her mother loved to her father's recordings of Miles Davis and Manitas de Plata to the music of Gino Vanelli, the Beatles, Harmonium and of course Jimi Hendrix. Adventurous Danielle finds herself in her early twenties in Berlin, Paris and London. She rides horses at national level three day event competitions, works on construction sites, drives trucks, works in bars and schools and with race horses. Her life is non-conventional. She is compared to the wind. Spirited, poetic, mysterious, generous, passionate and bold she goes her own path. She wins numerous awards for her writing and musicianship including a SOCAN award for the song 'Le Rire De La Nuit'. Twice winner of the singer-songwriter category of the 'Gala de la Chanson', a Radio-Canada prize for a short story, The Kevin Stokes guitar study scholarship, the Challenge bursary, VCC contemporary solo competition, and a Nechako Environmental Coalition prize for a musical. In November of 1997 she releases a first recording entitled '50/50', an eclectic blend of funk, rock and jazz. The CD is bilingual, a decision she made in order to reflect her reality. '50/50' was well received across the country especially by the French media. From the time of it's release Danielle started touring Canada, both as an opening act and featured artist. Her touring took her from small clubs in Northern BC to large International festivals, including the Coup de Coeur, La Chanson Fête, New Music West and the Buckingham Festival where she opened for Kim Mitchell. In late 2000 'The Alien Suite', Danielle's second CD and first fully English release was completed. 'The Alien Suite' a conceptual album, was born out of Danielle's desire to address topics such as human spirituality, our place in the Universe, and people's feelings of alienation. Teamed up once again with producer/engineer Commodor Perry Barrett, Danielle created a soundscape that is both diverse and atmospheric. The 'Alien Suite' received immediate praise for it's sonic brilliance and ambitious musical depth. 2001 brought about changes. After four years of intense touring and a 'do it yourself 'approach to supporting her music it was time to step back, take a break and look at the professional, personal and creative priorities. She bids farewell to her band and starts writing what is to become her third album and gets fully involved with both stone and clay sculpture and visual arts. Her third disc titled 'Aventurière Accidentelle' (accidental adventuress) is launched in Montreal at the Studio Théatre of the Place Des Arts on march 19 2004. This new recording brings the listener into a world that is both mythological and grounded in today's reality. It tells a story that could be construed as a Francophone mythology of western Canada. The artist blends effortlessly French song, improvisatory music, jazz and techno beats. A noteworthy fact is that this project was supported by both Musicaction and the Canada Council for the Arts. Danielle continues to pursue her music and artistic career on the West Coast of British Columbia where she lives since 1989.


Artist: Danielle Hebert
Title: Aventurire Accidentelle
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 20/07/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 778224558521


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