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West Texas Wine

West Texas Wine

  • By Dave Insley
  • Release 11/03/2008
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Recorded in Austin, Texas, and featuring Dave's road band, the Careless Smokers, the third release from Dave Insley is an upbeat collection of new originals and classic-but-obscure covers, all staples of the Smokers' live show. From the opening rock rhythms of Beatin' Ya Down, through the pedal steel-drenched closer, Conway Twitty's Don't Take It Away, Dave touches upon all the themes and varieties of sounds which have earned him fans and praise on his previous outings. The title track, West Texas Wine, sets historical anecdote, ghost story and personal experience to a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, while piano and acoustic guitar warm up Geneva's Gonna Leave Ya, a tender homage to Dave's mom, and growing up on the farm. Party-time covers of Johnny Darrell's Come See What's Left Of Your Man and Fuzzy Owens' Ol' What's Her Name, fit alongside Insley's ultra-country Everything's Broken Again and the truck driving ballad Exit 93. Dave and his Careless Smokers have spent the last couple years honing their unique blend of Honky-tonk, Tex-Mex and Arizona Hillbilly music, and the resulting album is Dave's best yet! The Wall Street Journals Nat Hentoff says Insley immediately held his attention not by showboating, but through naturally flowing rhythms and stories of everyday life and loss, told in a warm, unhurried and sometimes wry voice of experience. The Austin Chronicles Jim Caligiuri says Insley combines the best of the Bakersfield sound & two steppin beats, with his own desert-bent sense of humor, leading him to a singular place somewhere between Dwight Yoakam and Dave Alvin, and Soundstages David Cantor calls Insley's music Zen Country, and credits Insley for leaving melodramatic self-indulgence out of the picture for a sound that's just plain well done. You can also enjoy Dave's previous albums: Here With You Tonight, 2006, which debuted #1 on Freeform American Roots chart and #11 on Euroamericana chart, and was one of the Top Ten Local (Austin, Texas) Releases of 2006, according to the Austin American Statesman. Dave's previous title, Call Me Lonesome, 2005, debuted #5 on the FAR chart and #19 on the Americana chart, and was one of the Top Ten Debuts of 2005, according to Third Coast Music. Additionally, CML was named in the Top 25 Albums of All-Time by Arizona artists, by the East Valley Tribune (Phoenix, Arizona) newspapers, and Dave was named Arizona's Best Songwriter, 2005, by the Arizona Republic.


Artist: Dave Insley
Title: West Texas Wine
Genre: Country
Release Date: 11/03/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 807207055129


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