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Let's Go Out Together & Dance

Let's Go Out Together & Dance

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"Let's Go Out Together And Dance" is a collection of some original songs that I wrote and recorded in 1989. They were originally recorded on cassettes, as that was the format in that era. The songs were well received and I wanted to just bring them into CD format so friends, family and fans could have a CD format to listen to the music. This is pretty hard core classical country sound with lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, harmonica, mandolin and fiddle. These are songs that I performed at local gigs, parties and around the campfires back in the 80's. I still like the sound of traditional, classic country and I never pretended to be anything else but a traditional sound country singer. I guess some of my material would be country folk and I do not mind that association. Like most songwriters some of my material is autobiographical or at least was influenced by things that happened in my life or around me. Some songs are created in your head from memories you have. Some songs are created by stories you heard in a tavern. Some songs are from stories you read or heard. An example is "If I Had Her Today". That song came from a conversation with a bartender in Milwaukee when I was attending Marquette. He said almost the exact words about "I've got a good wife and a couple of kids and I'm pretty happy, but if my high school sweetheart would walk in this tavern right now and ask me to run away, I'd be torn". I was not married yet then and that bothered me that someone should live like that. I wrote the song and married my high school sweetheart so I did not have to live that way. The "Snowmobile Cowboy" song has achieved a long-term status and I still get requests for it whenever I sing out. That song was written one Sunday afternoon when my friends were all out Snowmobiling. I couldn't go snowmobiling because I had a bad back. One of my friends had a John Deere Snowmobile so I wrote the song to tease him. The young kids like that song. Now, when I sing it at parties, the kids do an original dance to it. That's pretty cool. "The Devil Made Me Fat" is autobiographical-Enough said. "Anniversary Song" is from my belief that divorce is really incomprehensible sad and must really hurt.


Artist: David Anthony Berg
Title: Let's Go Out Together & Dance
Genre: Country
Release Date: 20/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479506574


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