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Welcome to Wisconsin

Welcome to Wisconsin

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"Welcome To Wisconsin" Was recorded in Tomahawk Wisconsin. Tomahawk is about 70 miles northeast of my hometown of Edgar Wisconsin. I grew up in Edgar Wisconsin and went away for four years of boarding school at St John's Prep in Collegeville Minnesota. Then I went to Marquette in Milwaukee for four years and got my degree in Psychology. After Marquette I spent two years at Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland doing psychological research while in The US Army. After the Army I moved back to Edgar Wisconsin and worked as a counselor in a Workshop for the handicapped in Wausau, Wisconsin. I became the Operations manager of that Workshop and then retired in 2005. I have been singing and writing songs for 30 years. I never tried to make my music any more than a hobby. I have had a lot of fun over the years singing at some local bars and parties and campgrounds. Now that I am retired I have some time to write more and record some of my songs. Got to tell you that is lots of fun. All the Wisconsin songs show that I do love it here and I especially love the outdoor opportunities here. The hunting and fishing is great. The scenery is awesome. One of my friend said we should all make a pact to not tell anybody about how good we got it or all those crazy people from the big cities will want to come here. So if you are a crazy person from a big city please do not tell him I told you about Wisconsin. The song Jumbo and Betty and the Four Legged Walker is kind of a true story that happened when I was singing at Boyle's Resort on Willow Lake. There really is a couple named Jumbo and Betty and they are well known and well loved by all the locals in that area. Betty does use a walker and they really did kind of dance to the anniversary song and it was a beautiful sight. One of my deer hunting friends was telling me about a lost love and used a phrase about getting through the episode with a little help from George Jones and Jack Daniels . I thought it was a great line and wrote it down and that inspired the George Jones and Jack Daniels song.


Artist: David Anthony Berg
Title: Welcome to Wisconsin
Genre: Country
Release Date: 20/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 616892884422


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