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Missing Years [Import]

Missing Years [Import]

  • By David Roberts
  • Release 27/05/2011
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £8.84

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Product Notes

All songs written by David Roberts, except "Run Back" written by David Roberts and Randy Goodrum Produced by David Roberts, Arnold Lanni, Anthony Vanderburgh All vocals, keyboards, arrangements and programming by David Roberts Remastering 2011 (songs 1 - 15) : Christian Schmid at GUMA Studio Mastering 2008 (songs 1 - 13) : Yoshiro Kuzumaki at CM Punch Some thoughts from David Roberts about "The Missing Years" : "Over the past 25 years, I have written and recorded many songs, with some being picked up by other artists, and other's never quite falling into the right hands. The one thing I always kept in mind while recording these demo songs, was the possibility I might do another record someday. The songs on 'The Missing Years' feature many such songs I feel were never discovered by artists and could have easily fit comfortably on my own CD. You may hear many different styles in the song writing and that's because often times I would try to cater to an artist that was looking for a particular sound but more importantly, through the years my influences evolved and changed. The songs here reflect those changes. 'Run Back' is a song I had hoped to eventually record for myself. Randy Goodrum and I had previously collaborated and I asked him to help me put the finishing touches on this song because he has such a gift for getting to the heart of what a song is trying to say, while keeping the lyrics conversational. This song was featured on the Japanese television series 'The Bullet Train.' 'Misunderstood' was recorded with a friend of mine, Arnold Lanni. Arnold was the producer and co-writer for the first few Our Lady Peace records. He also had his own band, Frozen Ghost, in the 90's. He offered to help me co-produce some demos and we experimented with a more AOR sound. "Run Away With Me" : For a few years it seems I was writing a lot of rock songs for various artists. One night I just sat down and wrote what felt like second nature to me. This song turned out to be a bit of a throw back to my earlier work. It reminds me of something David Pack and Ambrosia might have recorded. "Forbidden Fruit": I had just finished writing 'Tough Times Don't Last' with John Waite and Jonathan Cain for Bad English. I was in the zone and thought this could be a perfect song for them to record. Unfortunately the band broke up soon after. 'One Soul' is one of my personal favorites. It's very anthemic, which I love, and it takes me on a journey to unusual places, melodically. It reminds me of something Mick Jones might have written. The lyrics are very passionate and meaningful to me, and for a demo, I'm pleased with how large I made my background vocals sound. I was asked to try and write something for Celine Dion and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately she never recorded it. 'Gone But Not Forgotten' is a song I wrote fairly quickly because I just got on a roll with it. This could have been on my first record 'All Dressed Up,' and I can imagine Jeff Porcaro and Steve Lukather really digging this and infusing their energy that would have brought this to life. "Until Your Heart's Content": If I had one song I might have included on my 'Better Late Than Never' CD, this would have been it. It has alot of meaning to me and I hold it close to my heart. I wrote it when my kids were younger and they use to crawl in my bed at night when they were scared and lonely. Like all children, they would worry about the unknowns in life and the realization that no-one lives forever. I would try to comfort them and let them know that I would always be there to protect them, even in spirit. "Love Waits For No-One" is a song I probably would have recorded for myself as an artist. At the time it was written, it never fell into the right hands, but through the years has somehow circulated. Most recently Fergie Frederiksen did a version prior to falling ill. "The Sun Will Rise Again": My publisher fell in love with this tune and there was a couple good nibbles from big name artists, but unfortunately nothing ever materialized. Which reminds me of how many of my songs have been put on hold only to get rejected at the last minute." During his 26 year hiatus as a recording artist David worked with a lot of great song writers and artists. His compositions can be heard on albums by artists like Starship, Bad English, Lee Aaron, Signal, House Of Lords, Jimmy Barnes and Boulevard. The first pressing of the remastered release of "The Missing Years" through Avenue Of Allies includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, "Love Waits For No-One" and "The Sun Will Rise Again", and comes as a limited Special Edition in a jewel case with an individually numbered additional slipcase and an extensive booklet including lyrics, new liner notes and track-by-track comments by David Roberts to every song on the record. Another true gem for all AOR and Westcoast fans and music collectors.


Artist: David Roberts
Title: Missing Years [Import]
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Remastered
Release Date: 27/05/2011
Label: Avenue of Allies
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4041257000555