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(Duplicated CD)
  • By David Wood
  • Release 21/09/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

ABOUT WYTCH: Author Maggie Shayne writes: "The CD opens with 'Magickal Rite of the Wytch'. Sultry, haunting, building in power"...."The CD (Wytch) is worth ten times it's weight in gold just for it's first daring 22 minutes"...."The first track alone would have sold me on this CD. When you add the other 6 tracks, it's value shoots to some point beyond measure" From Earth Tones Studios... He derives a young energy into his music and ultimately into the listener. David has managed to incorporate heavy techno, almost drum and bass, into ritual making. If you are looking for high-energy ritual music or just want to shake your butt off, pagan style, look here. David Wood has definitely proclaimed this niche in pagan music..... ABOUT DAVID WOOD: David Wood is a recording artist based in Columbus, OH. His music has been described by local media as the POP/ Dance Alternative with a dash of Soul. Unabashed and oftentimes unclothed, David has developed a large following in both Pagan and Gay communities. From High Energy Dance music and Soulful ballads, to the erotic and mystical...his music continues to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. David has toured the national club circuit and performed at many Pagan festivals and events from his humble beginnings in 1990 to present day. He has continued to make himself available to such charitable groups as the American Cancer Society, where he performed at the Ohio State University Horseshoe, and the American Diabetes Association. Music has been written by David Wood for local television commercials and radio advertisements and he had managed to have a small radio play and interviews with his original material. David Wood has released 5 complete CDs to date and listed in the following order: "PLAYTHING" (1991 - Original POP/Dance) "SCRAPBOOK" (1994 with Danse Wrapture - Original POP/Dance - Radio ready) 'FROM THE ASHES" (1997 - Original Pagan/POP mixed) "WYTCH" (2001 - Original Pagan POP) "LOVE CHILD FROM 69" (2003-2006 - Retro Disco Remakes and Original POP) David is currently in the studio, recording many original songs for a new Pagan/POP/Dance CD. On version of the newly released single from this project appears on the home page of his website and is titled "You Should Have Walked Away". More news will be appearing soon as the CD and Performance Schedule progresses. David Wood is a 3rd Degree High Priest and licensed clergy within the Black Forest Clan and Circle Seminary. He is a Reiki and Hoodoo practitioner and very involved with Spiritism. David is a chartered Clan Head and currently teaches within his Black Forest Based Coven of the Black Leopard in Columbus, OH.


Artist: David Wood
Title: Wytch
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 21/09/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479622670


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