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Something You Dream of

Something You Dream of

  • By Denise Young
  • Release 02/05/2007
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.19

Product Notes

***** REVIEWS ***** #2 The Zone Music Reporter for two months! Nominated for Best Instrumental Piano Album (2007)! Real Notes from Listeners.. God bless you, Denise. My head and my heart are swelling at your kindness. Yes, I knew your roots from your website and surely doubt you recall sending me a signed CD wishing me 'happy healing' after a surgery. That was personal. That was special. While bedridden for many weeks, your CD, 'Time Alone' played day after day kept me out of harm's way and did heal me. You simply can't know how much I'm willing to do to encourage my granddaughter to move forward and express her love with music like you. Hi! Love your music and was excited to buy the sheet music for my daughter. Thank you so much for your kind gift. I just loved Green Mountain Meadows when I heard it. I am a big fan of Will Ackerman and Windham Hill. They got me through some rough times. What a special joy to meet and talk with you! I think you have an amazing gift, and must be a blessing to many. I heard your song 'Time Alone' on satellite radio and loved it! Is sheet music available for that piece and/or for any of your other work? I was just listening to you and your music on the radio. Your arrangements touch my heart. I play the piano as well. But only 'for myself' and mostly as 'therapy' when I'm feeling down. (very much of a novice, but enjoy trying) Is it possible for me to purchase sheet music for any of your arrangements? Hi, Denise. No need to trouble yourself with a reply. I just wanted to encourage you in what you're doing, to let you know your music matters to me, that it brings me peace. I would like to see this beautiful music live. Please email me with dates and times. Love green mountain meadows, hoping to see you play sometime. I'm in California, bay area. Thanks! Hello, I was listening on a tv channel one of your song Falling Leaves and I really liked it. I purchased your sheet music package a couple of years ago and have thoroughly enjoy playing your songs. I have played them as service music for the Unitarian congregation I play for and folks remark at home calming and evocative your songs are. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy your music. I recently purchased 'Something You Dream Of,' and am touched by the softness I find in your music, especially the last track on this album, 'Autumn Colors.' In my life, I find listening to music like this very soothing. It takes me to places in my mind where I can just relax and let go. It brings to mind feelings of love and serenity, and gives me a place to go and be by myself if need be. I have many CD's with music like this, and your CD is the newest in my collection. I really enjoy your music and look forward to adding more of your music to my collection. Keep taking us to those places where only one's mind can go... The Zone Music Reporter Review Snippets: Review by RJ Lannan, The Zone Music Reporter 'The Taj Mahal awaits you.' ...Denise Young is one of the new pianists that create their music with pensive thoughts, rainbow filled skies and verdant fields of beauty and translate them into music. Her new release Something You Dream of... is aptly named and a word of caution, this music can produce prodigious daydreams. This is my favorite kind of album, contemporary music with light ensemble. Just two or three pieces performing serene melodies. As a child, Denise once carved her name on a piano to hopefully prevent it from being taken away. Yes, it is shocking! She still has the piano. It is obvious that music is her life and her every breath is filled with passion for the significant meaning that every note holds. This is one of the best contemporary albums I have heard this year. Young's liner notes say she has played at almost every venue with the exception of the Taj Mahal. Denise, Shah Jahan awaits your pleasure.' RATING: EXCELLENT! ***** Review by Bill Binkelman, The Zone Music Reporter ...I've sung the praises of producer Will Ackerman so much in the last year that to do so again would be redundant and even appear sycophantic on my part. However, the man does indeed seem to have a sixth sense when selecting talent to produce. Denise Young's Something You Dream Of... stands out in the flood of current piano releases, partly on the strength of her playing and compositions alone, but also through the care and quality exhibited by Ackerman and the assembled guest artists. Praise is due all around, obviously. While the entire album is enjoyable, "Autumn Colors" is one of those ultra-special tracks that, all by itself, makes the CD an easy "highly recommend" on my part. "SHADES OF CLASSICS" CKUW Radio, Winnipeg, Canada Review by John Iverson, Producer/Host "True to It's Title" ...It is hard to pick a favourite from this album, as they are all beautiful pieces in their own right. Of particular note is the poignant piano and violin duet "Falling Leaves" with Steve Schuch, the passionate piano and cello duo "You Were Always There" with Eugene Friesen, the inspiring solo piano piece "Livia's Song", and the memorable "Autumn Colors", with a beautiful haunting vocalise sung by Noah Wilding. For lovers of heartfelt music and beautiful piano melodies, this album is a must. I highly recommend this album." RATING: EXCELLENT! ***** Will Ackerman wrote... 'Denise Young has the heart of a romantic, but her music is not lost in unnecessary ornamentation. Livia's Song, for instance, is a deeply emotional composition which never relies on flourish or bombast to make it's point or to reach us on a very powerful level. There is an element of innocence to Denise and her music which enables the listener to go to a musical and emotional place that is not commonly found these days: the world is poorer for it, but we are the richer for her sincere and heartfelt composition and graceful performance.' COVER PHOTO: A SACRED TREE 'BLISS' (Where many people pray on a mountain top in Nepal) By Michael Ash, Elements of the Sacred.


Artist: Denise Young
Title: Something You Dream of
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 02/05/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101321983
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