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Outta Control

Outta Control

  • By The Destroyed
  • Release 16/09/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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70s punk band, The Destroyed, re-forms after 25 years, releases new CD, Outta Control CD is follow-up to last year's underground success: Bert Switzer, 1977-2002 Bert Switzer, 54, and J.D. Jackson (formerly Joe Rainbow), 48, former members of 70s punk band The Destroyed, play together for the first time since 1979, on the new CD, Outta Control. 10 Destroyed tracks from the 70s are included as bonus tracks, released for the first time ever. 'Except for our original guitarist, who is pursuing a solo career,' says Bert Switzer, drummer, 'this CD is effectively a reunion of The Destroyed.' The CD also reunites Switzer for two non-Destroyed tracks with guitarist Henry Kaiser, who Switzer played with in the band Monster Island in 1977. Kaiser has gone on to play with or record with such musicians as Jerry Garcia, Herbie Hancock, David Lindley, and Michael Stipe. Says Switzer, 'We're back. It's different, but we were true to the spirit of the original Destroyed. I truly believe Jackson is one of the best songwriters around. And Henry Kaiser, who was in the first band I ever played in (Monster Island), is always amazing on guitar.' Switzer and Jackson decided to re-form after the success of last year's CD entitled Bert Switzer 1977-2002 that also featured Kaiser and The Destroyed. An underground hit, the CD was played on college radio all over North America, charting on WPRP, WIDR, CLUT, KCSB, WNUR, WXYC, WLFM, and WRFL, and received incredible reviews in the national press. Tracks 1, 6, and 12 on the new Outta Control CD are hot picks as radio singles. Is You With Us? On Switzer's drumming: 'Totally insane drummer' - The Alternative News 'Furious drumming' - Ink 19 'Amazing drumming' - Punk Planet 'Boston Drummer Extraordinaire' - The Big Takeover On The Destroyed: 'Impressive 70s band' - Roctober 'Some fantastic live tracks' - Punk Planet 'Insane stuff' - Scram 'One of Boston's earliest and wildest punk bands' - The Alternative News 'They would have made a killing if they had only bothered to take the time to record at least a single.' - Razorcake 'The great unknown Boston uberpunk band' - Northeast Performer


Artist: The Destroyed
Title: Outta Control
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 16/09/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 747728893827
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