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Tinderbox Tragedy

Tinderbox Tragedy

  • By The Doxies
  • Release 27/01/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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The Doxies were born in a cramped and dirty basement on Bass Avenue in Columbia Missouri. Their songs are soaked in the Midwest experience and exist somewhere between classic country and indie rock. The Doxies' alt-country sounds reveal a sense of place and true reverence for those who have come before. These Doxies work hard, tour hard and drink hard to bring you real Midwestern rock 'n' roll. 'The Doxies come from Columbia, Mo., and they're the best alternative country/country-inflected rock 'n' roll band I've heard in years. The comparisons for The Doxies flow easily. Their intelligently crafted lyrics rooted in a sense of place bring to mind JayFarrar's contributions to Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt. Musically, they come across in kind of an 'American Stars and Bars' Neil Young crossed with Whiskeytown. And they rock hard enough to be put in the same box with The Bottle Rockets and Slobberbone.' Best Bets 1/16/04 -BY L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star '(Tinderbox Tragedy) is the true sound of young people making Americana music, and it has the brashness and brightness of youth and also manages to pull in traditional forms. True it's more in the vein of Slobberbone then Hank Williams, but, there's plenty of Uncle Tupelo' too: 'Clouded by the Bottle' and 'Carry Me Home' find a bridge between Gram and Tupelo and present as good a pair of dusty, flannel shirted indie-country songs as you can get.' Americana UK January 2004 -David Cowling 'Sometimes it's just nice to crank up your box and hear some down-and-dirty, crunchy-as-crust country rock, and these boys deliver.' -Tom Hallett Pulse of the Twin Cities 'Working-class ache wrapped in youthful exuberance and a sense of destiny...sign your paycheck over to the bartender and buy this band a round.' -Lana Trezise MD/PD KBXR 'The Doxies play an authentic, volatile brand of rock 'n' roll. Driving beats and big guitars fuel songs about jail, cars and love.' Omaha World-Herald 'Great music from blue collar musicians, the way great alt. Country happens.' -Mike Columbo Host/Producer Americana Live 'The Doxies twang their way through tunes accompanied by mandolins, fiddles, harmonicas and beer...and when you hear their country-punk-rock sound you'll be nodding along as well.' -Leslie Prisbell The Reader 'The Doxies are a must see for those who love the line walked between country and rock 'n' roll--a line previously walked by the likes of Johnny Cash and Neil Young.' Pete Bland Go Magazine.


Artist: The Doxies
Title: Tinderbox Tragedy
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27/01/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 691045938221


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