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No Greater Love

No Greater Love

  • By Ed Harrington
  • Release 04/07/2006
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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I was born in,Riverside,N.J. on june 4 1970. My Dad left when I was two years old because of his serious herion addiction. I was born two pounds and forteen ounces. I was in the newspapers as the miracle baby. My Mom said it was touch and go with me. They did not think I was going to live. I also had heart surgery when I was five years old. My mom said that a one day stay in the hospital turned out to be Five days in Intensive care for a Bilateral Myringotomy and an Adenoidectomy. The following year was the heart surgery. Ever since I was two years old I loved music. I had my first drum set at the age of five. My mom also bought me rock and roll albums at the age of five also. I quit school at the age of sixteen. I grew my hair long and got my ear pierced. I started becoming rebellious. I did not want to work. I lived in a fantasy world and wanted to be a rock star. My father called from, California when I was seventeen. I had not seen or heard from him since I was two. I had prayed to God and asked Him to let me meet my father and that I would follow him and become a christian. Little did I know that his girlfriend, Joyce was a Christian. She took me to church and that was the time I got saved and baptised in the Holy Spirit. I joined a church in, 1997 called, East Coast for Jesus. I played in the worship team for six years. I met my wife, Shannon there. We got married at, fountain of Life on, feb.21 2004. Our son, Eddie was born on, Sep.27 2004. He was born premature and also had heart surgery. He had a 12 page report of things wrong with him. God healed him of everything. Thank you and god bless for your time.


Artist: Ed Harrington
Title: No Greater Love
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 04/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479334061


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