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Stand Up

Stand Up

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STAND UP is a very special song and this is a very special recording. I believe this song was purposed by God to encourage our troops and the USA in our fight against terror. It also encourages anyone who is persevering through any spiritual battle. STAND UP is unique in that it features a choir of ordinary people, not professional singers all of whom serve or served in the military, or are family of our military to sing out encouragement to today's troops. Troops singing for troops...a song for the people, by the people. An important part of the story is also that I am nobody in the music world, with no professional music training and no personal ties to today's military. Yet, God has given me this song and a mission to serve our military and their families by bringing encouragement and more of Christ to them. The story behind STAND UP is a testimony to the power of God to equip each of us to do the work He assigns as we walk it out. Here is how it all began: In February 2004 friends felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray over me to begin receiving new worship songs from the Lord. The first song was composed the next day. (In the three years since there have been over 200 new worship songs.) In April 2004 while on a walk, I told the Lord to have "someone" compose a song for the War on Terror from a spiritual perspective. Ten minutes later the chorus to such a song began flooding my mind. By the end of the walk, the Lord had given me the first verse as well. STAND UP is that song. In Feb 2005, I committed to pray for a young man being deployed to Iraq, then turned to go. The Lord gave me a powerful vision: a canvas sheet was lowered from heaven like a tent over a group of our troops marching in formation in the desert. As the tent covered them, the Lord spoke to my heart. If I would get the song for the troops, STAND UP, and some of the new worship music over to our deployed, then He would be their covering; He would hem them in before, behind and on both sides as never before; He would be the banner over them and their standard-bearer. Their obedient act of worship would bring forth an increase of His sovereign protection and there would be fewer casualties. By their worship, His Light would shine into the dark places and reveal where the enemy was hiding. All this passed before my eyes in an instant, but has determined every step I have taken since! I had to find a way to get the music to our troops! I spent all of 2005 in prayer and worship beseeching God to show me His way and knocking on every door which presented itself - all of which closed. In January 2006 God led me to The Creation Lab, a recording studio in Turlock, California, who agreed to work with me. The rest of the year we labored to fulfill the vision, faithfully recording STAND UP as a march as well as 11 of the worship songs on a CD called, ASCEND IN WORSHIP. December 2006 during prayer with a friend, God gave me two new tasks: gift copies of STAND UP (the march rendition) to children of the deployed to thank them for their parent's service (over 600 have been gifted to date) and record STAND UP as a rock anthem. This is that new recording. To honor our troops and our nation, the recording of this very special rendition of STAND UP began President's Day weekend, February 2007. Then came the next seemingly impossible assignment from the Lord: assemble a choir of individuals, each representing a different branch of our military to sing with me on the choruses so that STAND UP included troops singing for troops. In faith, I booked the studio for May 19, 2007 and began my search for the individuals God intended. One by one God assembled the choir. He sent no extras and there was insufficient time remaining to audition anyone, so all were invited to come to the studio to record without ever having heard them sing! I just kept thinking, if these were the individuals that God provided, then they must be perfect to the task! And they were... A few days before the recording session, we also learned that May 19, 2007 was Armed Forces Day - the perfect day to record for the troops, by the troops! The singers you will hear on the CD include: retired Air Force, active duty Coast Guard, former Marine, former Navy, and the parents of a currently deployed Army young man. This husband and wife stood in for their Army son as well as all military families when they sang. In addition a woman whose now-deceased father was a Korean War vet sang on behalf of all the generations who have gone before to encourage the current generation of military and another woman as a mother of young children sang on behalf of the generations to come that there has always been a price for freedom. Enjoy STAND UP! If you are military, thank you for your sacrifices for our freedom! If you are simply persevering through your own struggle, be encouraged. The battle is the Lord's and let freedom ring!


Artist: Elizabeth Fulgaro
Title: Stand Up
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 04/09/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101389464


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