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Just That Beautiful

Just That Beautiful

  • By Ella G'sell
  • Release 31/07/2007
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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What People are Saying About Ella: "Ella has a truly unique voice that stands out from the crowd and a lyrical perspective that gives her real depth as singer/songwriter." - David Sibley, Music Supervisor of Desperate Housewives "Ella G'sell has the kind of voice that makes a difference. In the same way that Robert Smith of the cure, or Morrissey have the voice of no other, so does Ella. Both warm and dark, her melodies express honesty and passion." -The Cat Club "Ella G'sell is an incredible singer. She has the rare ability to completely entrance and entertain an audience with her singularly distinct and unforgettable voice. A sure-fire crowd pleaser, this beauty leaves 'em enchanted and begging for more" - LMR, Local Music Review "My old friend has recently shown a new and beautiful kind of voice that reveals an eerie innocence yet invites the listener in with a dido-esqe style of confidence." Phillip Sneed, Story of the Year (Maverick Records) "The big, beautiful voice that comes out of this gorgeous, petite package always astounds and inspires me." - Jeff Seibenick (One The Lot) Ella G'sell bespeaks passion, dichotomy. Embracing contradiction, but never compromise, Ella is soulful, genuine, and peaceful. She is a voice of unity and hope. And this is only the beginning. Or is it? Named both after St. Elizabeth of Hungary and a song by the rock band Kiss, Elizabeth G'Sell was from the very start an embodiment of virtue tested in fire. A shy, sweet girl, Elizabeth was friendly in a true, unconditional manner, but found it easier to perform for thousands of people than hold a conversation with one individual. Song gave her a voice and that voice gave her courage. Elizabeth grew to be a strong woman and through her experiences, she embraces all of humanity in all walks of life. Ella, as she's now called by her fans and loved ones, channels this sincerity into compelling verse. . She has toured throughout North America and Europe, performing vocals and the flute. When she is not in song, Ella is a painter. Her collection has been shown throughout the United States and often reflect her music in it's visual imagery. Theology emerges as a major theme in both her life and daring lyrics; Ella respects all spiritualities which aim to augment a truer compassion between peoples and faiths. Living in Los Angeles, CA with her Maltese, Sebastian, Ella is busy in the studio and on the strip, singing her story: one unique, heroic, and true. Ella tells it like it is: 'I owe all of my songs to the people who have touched my life, whether for a short glimpse or as an old friend. Much love and know that you all have heaven within you.' Listening to Ella sing her heart out, this seems genuinely possible.


Artist: Ella G'sell
Title: Just That Beautiful
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 31/07/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101363259


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