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Songs for Children & All Their Friends

Songs for Children & All Their Friends

  • By Emmanuel Ghent
  • Release 05/11/2002
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of Emmanuel Ghent at age 77 on March 30, 2003. 'Emmanuel Ghent was an extraordinary and wonderful person, a warmly human pursuer of both science and art, as a psychiatrist, teacher, composer, and technological innovator for the arts. He was also one of the most lovable and also wisest people I've ever met and I'm sure he will be deeply missed by many.' - Laurie Spiegel, friend and colleague About the Artist: Emmanuel Ghent wrote 'Songs For Children and all their friends' shortly after his youngest daughter was born in 1967. Recorded 32 years later, this is his first children's album, and his last recorded work. Ghent was the recipient of many awards for music composition, including a Guggenheim Fellowship. His instrumental and computer generated music, as well as music for dance, has been widely performed. One of his most well known pieces, Phosphones, is available on a Wergo recording: WER 2022-50. Also available is the 'Songs For Children and All Their Friends' songbook, with complete sheet music/chord charts for each song on the CD. Please visit to order at this time. Full Artist Biography EMMANUEL GHENT (b. 1925) had his early training in Montreal, Canada, both privately and at the McGill Conservatory. Later, in New York, he was deeply affected by the work of Varese, and of Ralph Shapey with whom he studied. Early on Ghent was interested in multi-tempo rhythms -- the interest created by their tensions and also by the composite rhythms that resulted. In the 1960's, in order to facilitate the realization of his rhythmic ideas, Ghent developed a system of transmitting composed signals to performers, enabling them to play at independently varying tempi and meters, yet at all times synchronized with each other and, in some instances, with prerecorded tape. In 1968-69 he made use of a Guggenheim Fellowship to work at the Bell Telephone Laboratories on a project that used the GROOVE computer system for the control of sound-generating electronic equipment. The electronic music in HELICES was one of the first results of this experimental system. In the early 1970's Ghent put the GROOVE computer system to a new use -- using it not only to generate the music, but also the computer-controlled theatrical lighting for a number of pieces commissioned and choreographed by Mimi Garrard. PHOSPHONES, the first of these pieces, has received over a hundred performances. Beginning in 1974, Ghent has turned his interest to teaching the computer to be his compositional assistant, or even associate. The first of the works co-composed by computer was LUSTRUM, a piece commissioned by the Fromm Foundation. It is performed by an ensemble consisting of a brass quintet, amplified string quintet and computer-generated tape. Later Ghent composed PROGRAM MUSIC 1, 2, ... 29, a series of computermusic pieces varying in duration from 2 to 27 minutes. Some of these pieces have acquired other identifying titles. For example, PROGRAM MUSIC 19 No. 3 (19 min.) is also known as LITTLE CHANGES. Another piece, BAOBAB (19 min.), for computer music and film, is a collaborative work with Ken Knowlton who created the computer graphics. In 1967, upon the birth of his third daughter, Ghent composed a series of 25 SONGS FOR CHILDREN AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS which have recently been recorded, as produced and performed by Valerie Ghent, vocalist and keyboardist. Ghent's music has been widely performed throughout the United States, Canada and in Europe, in regular concerts, at festivals, and in numerous radio broadcasts. His work has been published by Oxford University Press, Persimmon Press and Subito Music and has been recorded on several labels. He has received many awards, grants and commissions. About Songs For Children: 'Songs For Children', by Emmanuel Ghent, is a collection of 23 wonderful songs written for children of all ages from 2 to102! As well as being enjoyable, sing along music, the songs have an added value as well: contained within each piece are subtle hints about melody, harmony and meter. Unbeknownst to the children themselves, as they sing along they are learning all sorts of things about music. But the songs' main claim to fame is the pleasure they give. Some songs are joyous, some fun; some songs are wistful, some mischievous - but all are full of fun and imagination. The 20 page booklet contains all the lyrics as well as a set of notes drawing attention to the points of musical interest embedded in each song. Written years ago when his own children were young (and all three daughters grew up singing these songs), now Emmanuel Ghent's middle daughter, Valerie Ghent - herself a vocalist/keyboardist/recording engineer - has produced this collection of songs so that other kids and their parents can share the fun. Although Valerie sings most of the songs, on a few songs you can hear the voices of children: these voices are of Ghent's grandchildren! Grady Locklear, was only 3 years old when Valerie recorded him on 'I'm Sorry', and 'Here Comes The Monster'. Grady is Ghent's grandson of his youngest daughter, Theresa Locklear. Also on the CD are the voices of Alexander and Sara Krolewski, Ghent's grandchildren of his oldest daughter, Nadia Ghent. Alex, Sara and Grady can be heard on the intro and outro of 'All You Need Is An Extra Head'. (The *kids* voices singing 'All You Need Is An Extra Head' are actually all Valerie Ghent!) David Tofani plays clarinet and flute on several songs including '1,2,3,4,5'. Other vocalists on the CD include Keith Fluitt and Deborah Berg. (Keith and Valerie are all the adult and *kids* voices you hear on '1, 2, 3, 4, 5'. Also available is the complete songbook - all 23 songs - of'Songs For Children'. The music book contains the piano/vocal parts (lead sheet, chords and lyrics - easy for guitar or piano!) with a complete set of lyrics and notes. A perfect accompaniment to the CD! This sheet music is perfect for teaching in a school or home environment, for teachers, for parents and for kids who are learning to read music. Please orders page if you are interested in ordering a copy of the score. Thanks!


Artist: Emmanuel Ghent
Title: Songs for Children & All Their Friends
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 05/11/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 616548051529


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