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Mother Earth Calls

Mother Earth Calls

  • By Esther Frances
  • Release 04/10/2005
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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I am delighted with the CD Mother Earth Calls. You are doing an exquisite part of the Great Work for us and the universe. You have a truly wonderful gift in composing as well as singing. Gaia's lyrics are exquisitely fitted to the need for children and for all of us to enjoy with all possible senses the beauty, wonder and integrity of Earth and all it's creatures as one sacred community Thomas Berry, Author of The Great Work, The Dream of the Earth, and The Universe Story with Brian Swimme Since first meeting Esther, her warm voice seemed a welcome to her joyful spirit. Esther's wonderful voice and her way of putting her insights to music have continued to surprise me. She is one of those few who can take scientific knowledge and turn it into art - a navigator in both worlds. Esther went on to compose her own songs. Her song 'Bacteria' delighted - a hit with audiences from it's first performance. With time came a collection of songs and music, infused with Esther's enticing voice. During a difficult period in her life Esther found the blessings within the trauma. Her music matured; her life goals gained clarity. Esther shows us the best of herself which becomes a gift to the world. Gunter Pauli, author of Upsizing, the ZERI fairy tales, and former President of Ecover, Europe's first ecological factory. In 1994, he founded the ZERI organization, which views waste as resource and seeks solutions using nature's design principles as inspiration. Esther helps us see the joy in our potential. Her power is the creation, the expression and the freedom of letting a voice sing into life. Her early teachers did not invite her into the choir. From that wounding, she defies the gravity and inhibitions that scare us all. Listen deep, she sings her soul. Don Campbell, author of the Mozart Effect and Music for Times to Come; pioneer in sound healing My favorite recordings are those that capture the essence of the person whose music is being presented. 'Mother Earth Calls' is one of those records. This is pure Esther Frances, and like her, it makes me feel good. Bar Scott, Is an award winning singer-songwriter who has released five recordings of original works, two collections of classic material, a music video and a children's book with music.


Artist: Esther Frances
Title: Mother Earth Calls
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 04/10/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 790777016020


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