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Complicated EP

Complicated EP

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From Americas eclectic, ever-growing live music capital come The Everyday People, an Austin-based foursome whose distinctive rock-soul songs and soaring vocals paint a vivid collage of heartache and hopefulness in the minds of their listeners. Formed in 2005 by Jeffrey David (vocals, guitar) and Chris York (bass), The EDP earned a loyal grassroots following through impressive area gigs and the support of the entire Sixth Street community. A listener-driven campaign quickly earned them the label of the best band in downtown Austin, according to Chad Womack, owner of The Chuggin Monkey, Dizzy Rooster, and The Velvet Spade. In April 2005, the demo version of Austin grabbed the attention of several producers from the acclaimed MTV reality series, The Real World, which heightened the overall anticipation of things to come. Five years ago, I only sang in the shower, laughs David, who did not discover his talent until he was forced to share a bathroom with nine other guys. Davids series of persistent phone calls to York, a locally renowned rhythm section bass player, led to a three minute audition. The guy would not stop calling. It felt like junior year prom, cackles York, when asked to describe their beginnings. This dynamic combination of rock and soul forged the foundation of what is now The Everyday People. It wasn't long before the duo attracted local blues guitar personality John Ewerz, all the way from paradise. Bartending at a tropical hotspot in the Virgin Islands, Ewerz returned to the States to lend his talents to The EDP. It wasn't long before the three attracted the last member, Derrek Luke. With a smile like that, he doesn't even need to be talented, jokes Ewerz. D Luke, they call him, is a classically trained drummer, schooled every Sunday at church to play what is arguably one of the most difficult styles of music todaygospel. Armed with an uplifting smile and electrifying stage presence, D Luke was exactly what the other three needed to solidify this unique sound that they had found. Considering the quality of songwriting and musicianship involved, the bands rise to local prominence in less than a year does not seem so implausible. In August 2005, The EDP were no-namers trying to find gigs on Sixth Street. By January 2006, they were touring through Colorado, sharing bills with national acts such as the Nappy Roots and Coolio. With plans to return to the studio to record their first full length LP, the Austin music scene waits with anticipation, to see how The EDP will follow up on their successful EP, Complicated. The Everyday People, rock infused soul funkin us all...


Artist: The Everyday People
Title: Complicated EP
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 06/12/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479194948


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