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Young & Beautiful

Young & Beautiful

  • By Fingerpistol
  • Release 12/08/2008
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Fingerpistol, an Americana band from Austin, Texas, was formed in 1999 and released a 12-song CD, 'Big, Wet, Sloppy World,' in January 2000. It has received airplay on stations in America and Europe, including KDVS 90.3 FM at the University of California at Davis, the Arctic Cactus Hour on KNBA Radio in Alaska, JRRI Radio in Ireland, and Radio ISA in France. From the opening chords of radio hungry "Goodbye Marie" through it's wistful, last chance lyrics, it's the vocal harmony interplay of Fingerpistol that stands out at first. Live on stage, the dynamic presence and vocal confidence of Dan Hardick and Suzee Brooks locks it all together. Blending Texas Country and Southern Rock, their latest CD Young And Beautiful presents the same raw snap-shot visual writing seen among the Texas songwriting elite. Supported by Austin A-Listers Cindy Cashdollar and Landis Armstrong and skilled rythym-regulars Jill Csekitz and Sam Wilson, this is another excellent recording from Kevin Szymanski at Bruce Robison's Premium Studios. Watch out-Fingerpistol is ready to go off. Reviews Goofy old high school yearbook photos are a fleeting novelty until you're in one of them. That's about the time when the sentimental amalgams of country and classic rock start to make more sense. As the cover art suggests, the title track of Fingerpistol's second album dives straight into that treacherous wellspring and comes out squeaky clean on account of singer-songwriter Dan Hardick's sure-footed baritone and lyrical economy. From the struggling single mom of "Two Strong Arms" to the grizzled, beer light troubadour of "Old Promises." Young and Beautiful is heavy with hard-luck character studies, but it works because Fingerpistol keeps them straightforward and honest. "Sadness and Pain" detours into Todd Snider territory with it's spoken word verses about a lonely cancer survivor before closer "Wake the Dead" revives it's namesake colloquial phrase with rocking urgency. Despite all it's middle-aged longing, Young and Beautiful remains a refreshing tonic to relentless maturity. - Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle A smooth country sound flows from the speakers as you spin this disk. Lead singer and songwriter Dan Hardick's lyrics keep the vibe grounded, even as you are swept away by the beautiful melodies, made all the more luscious by Suzee Brooks' harmonies. Songs like the lead track 'Goodbye, Marie' and 'Sadness and Pain' invoke a smiling sadness, while others like 'Rescue' and 'Medicine' bring the melancholy full on. Sure, there are some cool, happier tunes on the record, but I lean toward the dark side. Dig it. - Steve Circeo, Americana Music Times 'Young And Beautiful', the second CD of the Texas Band 'Finger Pistol' is one of the best records we've heard in a long time. On the cover of the CD is a beauty from an earlier time. Songwriter and frontman Dan Hardick takes his 20 year old high school yearbook in hand and reflects on the past and the future: 'Twenty years now and what's in store? / If you're lucky maybe Forty more / And knowing what now you know / Would you do it again if somehow / You were young and Beautiful?' Doubts about midlife are a thread running through the album. For example, 'Two Strong Arms' is about a woman who one day realizes that the only strong arms that really matter are her own. In 'Old Promises,' a song about aging accompanied by regret, the singer tells us that it is more difficult to keep your promises than it is to remember them. If you think this all sounds a bit melancholy, you're wrong. Fingerpistol forges country and southern rock to a sparkling jewel. Hardick's baritone voice is blessed with the harmonies of backup singer Suzee Brooks. Here and there we hear a wonderful piece of steel guitar or heavenly dashes of hammond organ. The guitars in the beautiful song 'Goodbye Marie' are a little reminiscent of the first REM record. 'Little Bit Of Faith' recalls (not just because of the title) the best ballads of John Hiatt. 'Sadness and Pain' seem to be a strange cross between 'Dirty Boulevard' of Lou Reed and the better guitar work of Mark Knopfler at the time of the debut album from Dire Straits. And the band also has something of The Jayhawks. But more important is that every song on this album is believable. Listen to the mile hungry road song 'Still in Texas' and travel to the timeless beauty of 'Wyoming.' Eleven of the twelve songs were written by Dan Hardick. The only cover on the album, 'Medicine' (Price, Snodgrass) is about a relationship based on alcohol and begins with the drunk wisdom: 'A bottle a day keeps the doctor away ...' Fingerpistol exits with the catchy 'The Wake Dead,' a song tempus fugit, in which the band opens up the registers one last time and Hardick prints on our hearts the idea that beauty and time are fleeting. We can only add 'Amen!' Whoever buys this album takes home a masterpiece! - Shake,, Belgium I have been thoroughly enjoying your record 'Young and Beautiful' . . . deep rich Marshall Tucker Band, Amazing Rhythm Aces in all the BEST ways. Your voice is great and harmonies with Suzee blend perfectly. Love your guitar and the organ/piano. The overall production is radio-ready, as good as I've heard. Of course Jerry Tubb and Terra Nova are the best! My favorite songs are 'Goodbye, Marie,' 'Young and Beautiful,' 'Still in Texas,' 'Sadness and Pain' and I dig the vox-fx on 'Get Back Up.' 'Little Bit of Faith' is just plain sweet! A solid record. It was great to catch y'all live as well. Mean it! -Bryan Beck, DJ KGSR In The Morning, 107.1 KGSR FM Radio 'As much fun as the law will allow .. Always a BLAST playing with Fingerpistol.' - Kim Deschamps, Steel Guitar Both catchy and heartfelt tunes from the heart of Austin,TX. (and good driving music too! - Cindy Cashdollar An honest, warm, communication from someone taking a very realistic look at their place in a complicated world. That sort of honesty in music is a rarity. It's good for you - like a healthy meal. The record sounds beautiful and the songs are great. - Guy Forsyth Fingeristol is a breath of fresh air. In a musical world of copycats, wannabees and other such nonsense, Dan Hardick and Suzee Brooks bare their musical souls and lay it all on the line for us all to enjoy. This is the real deal - get you some of this. - Gordon 'Big G' Ames, Revolution FM, Kerrville, Texas Fingerpistol's primary players are Dan Hardick - songwriter, singer, and guitarist; Sam Wilson - Bass; Jill Csekitz - Drums; Suzee Brooks - Vocals, percussion; Geoff Cline - Guitar, vocals.


Artist: Fingerpistol
Title: Young & Beautiful
Genre: Country
Release Date: 12/08/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501021814


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