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Island Memories

Island Memories

  • By Frank Tuma
  • Release 17/10/2006
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £9.94

Product Notes

Frank is proud to present 'Island Memories.' Frank is a strong proponent of living in the present instead of reliving past adventures and dreaming of future conquests and discoveries. However, he is very aware that dreams of a better future drive us onward, and vivid experiences shape us into what we are. Much of this shaping has provided the songs of 'Island Memories.' He enjoys dancing and watching the limbo, the magic of multiple guitars in the background of rhythmic sambas, the strong, emotional drums in Cuban music and, especially, the beauty of a tropical island night filled with the sights and energy from the Universe. The Universe has a multitude of rhythms in the continuous movement of all it's parts. These rhythms are naturally experienced by islanders and are reflected in their music. Carl Sagan had an understanding of this rhythm. His inspirational videos of travels through the Cosmos have always stimulated Frank's imagination, especially regarding the role of the human species in the continuous and sacred evolution of life in the Universe. 'Island Memories' bring all of these strong emotions from past experiences into his songs on this CD. While attending college, I played at various bars and resorts to help pay for my education as a physicist. This valuable exposure to the life of working musicians convinced me to continue my education and make my way in the world of science. However, life throws interesting curves, and my goals and objectives were tinkered with and music never left the scene. Between extensive business travel and sailboat racing, I was introduced to Central and South America and most of the islands, especially in our hemisphere. Their rhythms and melodies never left me, until they exploded into a never-ending outpouring of musical compositions and a need to share them. Florida sailing out of Cape Canaveral brought the Bahamas and all of it's delicious and outrageous counter beats into my music while the endless surf beating on the hot sands of hundreds of islands brought me their catchy melodies floating on the wind. New Orleans and space rockets brought a mix of sound as tasty as the foods served behind old and rustic exteriors surrounding antique furnishings and indoor courtyards, and the beat goes on. While in Houston, I found myself playing the vibraphones and keyboards with a Hawaiian music group. This added a new musical dimension and lifelong friends who helped me pursue island music beyond my known boundaries. Science taught me about the boundless energy in the universe; traveling by sailboat to hundreds of islands and Central and South America provided me musical experiences well beyond the reach of classrooms, TV and high tech studies. The creation of music, in my case, is based on the emotional settings and my response to them. This surely produces a uniqueness and originality not found very often. These kinds of experiences never leave me and continuously guide my fingers over the keys.. The energy from the universe, especially at night, stimulates me to compose, arrange and perform music based on all my emotional experiences. I now live on Pine Island, which is located on the southwest coast of Florida. It is a beautiful and mostly unspoiled place surrounded by estuaries and dozens of little islands where dolphins, manatees and colonies of birds live. In this setting, especially on star filled nights, my creative juices flow with music. Please join me and listen to the rhythms of the universe.


Artist: Frank Tuma
Title: Island Memories
Genre: International
Release Date: 17/10/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479402869
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