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Fuller Still EP

Fuller Still EP

  • By Fuller Still
  • Release 12/04/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Standing on the edge of success is a exciting place to be, and the members of Fuller Still know it. After more than two years of fine-tuning, preparation, and an almost frantic touring schedule, the Minneapolis-based band feels like their music is ready to be widely recognized by the public ear for the first time. With a new album on the market in 2006 and a drastic increase in their dedicated fan base, the future looks more than promising for the progressive-folk-rock foursome. Color and Feeling is the anticipated first full-length album from Fuller Still, and holds the potential to thrust their creative efforts into mainstream music collections everywhere. The album was produced by iconic Twin Cities music figures Eric Fawcett and John Hermanson (both members of The Hopefuls, as well as SpyMob and Storyhill, respectively), mixed by the multi-award winning Alex Oana, and is leaps ahead of their earlier work, both in sound and composition. Now, more than ever, their songs speak words of truth, hope, humility, compassion, and encouragement for all listeners. Color and Feeling is made up of offerings that vary from slow balladic love songs to catchy pop-rock tunes, all the while maintaining a cohesive sound that characterizes Fuller Still as a band. "The Truth Is:," the band's most radio-friendly endeavor to date, is an open letter to a friend who values themselves less than they ought to, and reminds them through infectious melodies and rapid lyrical wordplay that, ultimately, "the truth is so lovely." Songs like "How," "A Little White Noise," and "Compared To No One" are stories of personal searching, rhetoric, and humility, highlighted by a message of hope in something bigger than humanity. Over the din of crunchy guitars and a stomp-rock rhythm, "Her Skyline" conveys the idea that putting our trust in the ups and downs of life will only make us lose sight of the eternity of things. One could imagine that keeping such a view would be difficult with the excitement that this album promises to bring. Fuller Still, comprised of Josh Brecht (guitar), Gail Brecht (keys), Graham Peterson (drums), and Justin Rimbo (bass) have tried to create a sound that's best defined as "Progressive Folk-Rock," or "Acoustic-Powered Pop."After forming in 2003, Fuller Still spent much of their time touring in support of their first release, 2004's The Fuller Still EP. The success of the EP gave them the chance to play on different stages all across America. The band has played music for for hundreds of teenagers at regional youth gatherings, discerning academic minds at a number of colleges, and raucous festival crowds as well. Their audiences became faithful listeners, and likened the sound of Fuller Still to artists like Nickel Creek, Counting Crows, and Sister Hazel. As 2006 rolls in, the members of Fuller Still look forward to the release of Color and Feeling, as well as the notoriety that may come with it. Working with seasoned experts in the album's recording has opened up the band's sonic potential, and resulted in a deep, poignant, and moving work of art. Color and Feeling is Fuller Still's greatest accomplishment to date, and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2006.


Artist: Fuller Still
Title: Fuller Still EP
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/04/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 789577160026


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