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  • By Gakuen Psy
  • Release 01/01/2009
  • Music Genre Vocal
  • Media Format CD
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'Asogi' is the transliteration of 'asamkhya' in Sanskrit, which means 'the large number of countless.' We describe the unboundedly expanding greeds of human being to be linkened to the word of infinity. The excessive forms of love. The excessive tastes or preferences. The album gets you to affirm such instincts hard to suppress, then invite you to the trip of ascetic practices to overcome them, and at last make you reborn as stoic and liberated. This disc includes 5 main tracks, 4 karaoke (instrumental), and also an extra track that makes the total time just 60 minutes. ??????????????????? (Notes in Japanese are at the bottom of this page.) ----------------------------- Track description ----------------------------- #1 Asogi / ??? The new sense of sound, metal and techno fused splendidly. And there, cute girls voice and raged male rap intertwined. The title of this song such an eccentric is 'Asogi.' What is 'asogi?' It actually is a unit of mathematics, which expresses astronomical immense numbers as the 56th power of ten. Naturally, such a tremendous unit is not used in daily life. Then what is it for? It is used by Buddhistic priests to indicate the quantity and depth of their enlightenment. That is, the unit belongs to spiritual and conceptual world rather than the field of mathematics or caluculation. Why don't you meditate on occasion and try to evaluate numerically the amount of your own enlightenment? #2 Nayuta / ??? The word 'nayuta' is also a numerical unit, which indicates huge numbers second to 'asogi.' This title represents the infinite greed, worldly desires people bear. Continuous rap goes on accompanied with jazzy guitar riff. Endless sexual phrases in Japanese are rapped interminably... This is indeed the essence of human being. It is unavoidable for us. By the way, all voices in this tune is by one male rapper, including a breathy voice that loops in a constant rhythm. #3 Hieizan / ??? 'Hiei-zan' is the grand mountain towering east of Kyoto City, ancient captal in Japan. On the top of Mt.Hiei a Buddhist monk Saicho founded the temple Enryakuji in 788, which has been one of the headquarters of ascetic training center and was registered a World Heritage site in 1994. This number is up-tempo punk sound. The verse represents rah-rah moods of cheerleaders, and also implies cheers on practice or training for anything. We cheer up you anytime when you want to brace yourself. Let's listen! #4 Muryosu / ??? 'Muryo-su' or 'muryo-taisu', as the number of immensity, is the highest of the numerical units in Kanji areas. This song describes the process in which one achieves the deepest enlightenment. In the beginning the sound of baroque tone is echoed suddenly and it makes the listeners feel as if they wandered into another dimension. Then the state of their minds changes gradually from uneasy to relaxed and as the electric sound fades in, which leads listeners into the next track, departure to the world of freedom. This gimmick between the tracks implies a turn of the switch in mind, that is, spiritual enlightment! #5 Shugyoso / ??? The title means ascetic monks. Getting over the hard training, they have reached great enlightenment at last and their sprits are flying around in the bright world of freedom. The Buddhists' paradise should be quite such a world. We describe their delights and pleasant sensations with the cute and colorful pop sound. In contrast, a heavy and hard guitar riff explodes at certain intervals. The gap between cute and heavy should fascinate you. Here is the creation of the sound world unique to Gakuen_psy, through uniting electronic music with a live band sound! #10 Nehankyo / ??? This number is composed of parede and sutra recitation. It images that all mankind is marching together to the Utopia of the enlightment. ================================================================= Notes in Japanese ???? ???????????????????????? ?????????asamkhya???????????????????????? ??????10?56???????????? ??????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????? ???????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????! ????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ??????????????????????! ????????????????????????????? --------------- ???? --------------- #1 ??? ???????????????????????! ????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???????? ????????????10?56????????????????? ?????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? #2 ??? ??? ??????????????????????? ?????????????? ???????????????·????????? ????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????(?) ????????????? #3 ??? ???????????·?????????????????? ?????????????????????? ???????????????! A??????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????! #4 ??? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ?????????!!!! #5 ??? ????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ???????????????????????! ?????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????! #10 ??? ??????????????????????? ?????????????????·??????????????????


Artist: Gakuen Psy
Title: Asogi
Genre: Vocal
Release Date: 01/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502000481


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