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Clark County Welcomes You

Clark County Welcomes You

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'Clark County Welcomes' You is the second EP released by Mike Vargovich under the name TheGenericBrand. The songs are recorded under the name TheGenericBrand because there is no chance of you ever being able to remember his last name. Go ahead, I dare you to. The project started in 2005 and was born out of a basement studio in Buffalo, NY after Mike bought his first guitar and started writing songs. It is a solo project and thus the focus stays on writing good songs rather than dealing with band politics. For Mike, the three things that attract him to music are...simplicity, lyrics, and melody. That's his basis for writing. His musical influences range from oldies, to blink, to Motown, to 90's pop, to rap, to show tunes, and back again. He has a desire to bring back the 'catchy-ness' that he feels has been absent from music since the late 90's and early 2000's. All this while continuing to open up lyrically, putting just as much effort into what he's saying as he does to the melodies and music that accompany it. Again, something he feels has been lacking in mainstream music today. Since releasing his first EP (2007's 'Late Without A Pen'), Mike has played numerous shows around Buffalo at local bars and clubs, along with such well-known local venues as Club Infinity, The Town Ballroom, and The Tralf. The live shows are acoustic, and the conversational style of the lyrics lend well to the intimate style of the shows. Just one dude, a guitar, a few laughs, and some people watching who want to be a part of it. He has also had songs featured on college radio shows and has done in-studio performances for local indie radio. 'Clark County Welcomes You' offers the next chapter of TheGenericBrand story. The sound of the recording is more accessible than previous efforts and Mike's desire to combine light humor and introspective lyrics is much more realized. "The Day I Almost Met Taylor Swift" provides the EP's lightest moments and is based on a true, rather humorous, story. "Thoughts In The Underground" is arguably the most 'serious' song on the EP and contains some of the most introspective lyrics Mike has written to date. Having both songs on the same five song EP provides an interesting contrast for the listener. So try out 'Clark County Welcomes You' will be fun. Also, feel free to visit Mike and his music online at for more songs, show dates, videos, blogs, etc. The MySpace page is run solely by Mike and every comment, question, message and email is answered personally by him...none of this "we don't actually run our own myspace" crap. Thank you, and enjoy the music.


Artist: The Generic Brand
Title: Clark County Welcomes You
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 17/03/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 692863147826


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