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Woman in a Mans Suit

Woman in a Mans Suit

  • By Georgie Jessup
  • Release 14/02/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Georgie has developed a successful career by challenging musical styles, personal identifications, and storybook history lessons. She has released five CD's: American Holocaust, Red Cloud's Room, Winkte (win-tay) & Crazy Sacred Dogs, Woman In A Man's Suit, and Working Class Hero, earned the 2009 PITA Award for TG Artist of the Year, two Silver Arrow Awards (2005 & 2006) for her contribution to Native American music and five WAMA Nominations. 'Georgie sings from the heart, like a rare flower in a wilderness....speaks to us about the deepest issues...reminds us...we are all related in our human condition and struggle. And...we are all trapped by gender and physical being, and that the brightest life and light we have is our soul.' Candye Kane -r&b/blues Diva/songwriter Rounder Records, Delta Groove Records Interested...Read on... Not many people can claim that they wrote a song that beat out a John Lennon song, but Georgie can make that claim. Her song about bigotry in her town was voted class song over John Lennon's Imagine. That's a pretty big statement. Lennon went on to win by default because the faculty advisor vetoed her song saying it was too controversial. However the fact remains that Lennon had to take a back seat to Jessup as far as the people voted. By the way, Georgie is also a fan of John Lennon and shares many similarities with the famous songwriter. Like Lennon her songs speak from the heart and are often the subject of controversy. Musically, like Lennon, Georgie's songs are based in roots music but the influence of blues, country, and r&b can be heard in one form or another on each song making it hard to pigeon-hole her style. The listener is the winner when they realize, that in an age of cookie cutter songwriters, she offers up an eclectic collection of songs. There is no trend setting slurring of words for hip's sake. She sings plain and strong and you don't need a lyric sheet to follow her thoughtful, deliberate words and powerful delivery. You won't need a dictionary or a library to figure out what she is saying. Yet her songwriting led singer songwriting diva, Candye Kane (Antone Records, Discovery, Rounder/Bullseye, Sire records and Germany based RUF records), to make this heartfelt comment about Georgie's songwriting and essence; 'Georgie sings from the heart, like a rare flower in a wilderness. She speaks to us about the deepest issues. Issues that all of us should care about, but so many of us pretend don't affect us. Georgie reminds us that we are all related in our human condition and struggle. And Georgie reinforces that we are all trapped by gender and physical being, and that the brightest life and light we have is our soul.' Woman In A Man's Suit brings that statement home more powerfully than any of her three other CDs ! (American Holocaust, Red Cloud's Room, and Winkte & Crazy Sacred Dogs). This set of songs takes the listener on a journey. Many songwriters write about issues and "causes" but few encourage the listener to go inside and start the healing within. The problems of the world can only be solved when each of us is willing to take the responsibility. Many songwriters are too afraid to reveal themselves to others in their songs. Georgie does not have that fear. Her life is on her sleeve, anyway, by default. So she might as well write about it. But the amazing thing is she does it in a way that each and every one of us can relate to. You don't have to know that Trinidad is a small town in south-eastern Colorado where people go to be transformed, but you can relate to the lyrics "...Every cowgirl gets the blues. Every cowgirl pays her dues. And every 'Johnny' thinks we'll never make it on our own. When they wake from the dreams they've blown we'll be in Trinidad..." So buy the music, take the journey! Visit her web site. Email her. She'll respond. TO BOOK A HOUSE CONCERT WITH GEORGIE: call: 410-799-3755 email: Woman In A Man's Suit: songs about peace and love and understanding and...fighting the good fight!


Artist: Georgie Jessup
Title: Woman in a Mans Suit
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/02/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707270005


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