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Mr. All Night Rock

Mr. All Night Rock

  • By Glenn Honeycutt
  • Release 26/07/2005
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Glenn Honeycutt - Mr. Allnight Rock ( RBR 5615 ) Here comes the first longplayer from Glenn Honeycutt - exact 40 years after his latest single on Fernwood 142. What has this guy done in the meantime ? He was a postman in Memphis ! Glenn became a legend for recording a dozen songs in the legendary Sun Recording Studio in Memphis between 1956 and 1958. Only one single has been released - Sun 264 I'll Be Around/ I'll Wait Forever - by Sam Philips. Elvis Presley just had left Sun Records and Sam was looking for somebody who could have a similar success - why not try Elvis cousin Glenn Honeycutt ? Their grandmothers were sisters, but Glenn had never the chance to meet Elvis. Glenn Honeycutt became famous through an unreleased song called All Night Rock - that why we have choosen this as the title of the CD - Mr. All Night Rock. In 2004 we asked another Rhythm Bomb artist Randy Rich to find a main act for one of our record release parties and Randy came up with the name Glenn Honeycutt. I had a quick look in my collection and found some great songs on the Sun Rockin Years Boxset. Yes I remembered playing his songs over and over in the early 80s. But - was he still around ? Does he have still a good voice and finally - is he willing to come over and record new material after all of these years ? The last thing I heard was that he had a good appearance in Hemsby some years ago. The answer to all of these questions was YES. And we discovered that he is a fantastic songwriter who is waiting to record his own stuff. We organized a small club tour in Germany and Sweden and finally got him in our recording studio in Berlin. Backed by Randy Rich and the Poor Boys, the guys managed to record 15 songs in 4 days. 12 of them you find on this CD. As an old Sun tradition, we kept the three best songs for us to release them in twenty years on a Rhythm Bomb Box set ... just kidding ... 11 of these songs have been written by Glenn Honeycutt, only My Heart (#9) has been written by Randy Rich. It's not easy to pick out the best songs, but our feedback so far was the best on A Love Song (#12) and Promise Me Love (#10). We just got a request from a manager of a well known Pop artist who plans to cover A Love Song. To record 50s recording artists in a vintage recording studio backed up by a young band - this is one of Rhythm Bombs strategies. But we try to make it different - we catch the original sound, pick only originals (or a few covers) and we never re-record the hits of the artists. And we try to find songs for our artists which are reflecting the age of them - they are all over 60 and have left high school 40 years ago ...


Artist: Glenn Honeycutt
Title: Mr. All Night Rock
Genre: Country
Release Date: 26/07/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4260072720152


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