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Glim Project

Glim Project

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The Glim Project is a full out rock band; a unique, hyper-energetic mish mash that cannot really fit into one category in todays rock scene. So what do you get when you listen to the Glim Project? You get a singer/guitarist who is trying his damndest to channel Axl Rose while playing dream theater riffs, a drummer who grew up on a steady diet of NOFX, Tool and Nirvana, a second guitarist who is equally in love with Neil Young and Fugazi, and a bassist who listens to the most extreme metal created, and whose last band was probably one of the scariest groups you've ever heard. The Glim Project started in 2004 when guitarists Lucanus and Geoff left the pop rock outfit D-Brane. Within weeks they had enlisted Geoffs schoolmate Marco for the drumming. In turn, Marco contacted his old college roommate Ian, whom, upon hearing their new creation, moved from Alberta to give it a shot. Starting with a few old D-Brane tunes, they soon found themselves striving to be much more hard edged, partly due to their appreciation of bands like ATDI, Mastadon, and Dream Theater. The Glim Project is definitely a band whose strongest suit is their live show. With over fifty shows under their belt spanning Vancouver and interior BC, they have perfected their onstage performance. Furious guitars loop around heavy percussive drumming, while galloping bass riffs cut right up the middle. And visually, it is quite a feast, as the band pours out every bit of energy they have in bringing their creations to life. The debut self titled album (released October 2006), along with obtaining great reviews from such sources as 'The Vancouver Province' newspaper, has hit airwaves at college radio stations and obtained frequent play from Vancouver's cFox. 2007 will be the beginning of a new era for The Glim Project as they are starting to record their second album now that their first European tour is behind them. The Vancouver scene is beginning to embrace real rock once again, and The Glim Project is flying their flag at the front of the crowd.


Artist: The Glim Project
Title: Glim Project
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829982092809


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