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Goat Motor

Goat Motor

  • By Goat Motor
  • Release 06/02/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

How do you explain a three piece band with Marshall half-stacks, double-bass drums, and a menacing five-string bass? What if their degrees were in the field of Jazz Performance? What if they listened to Slayer on the way to a show but also refuse to hit the road without a copy of Michael McDonald; The Essential Collection? In what category would you place them if they opened for a punk band? Fusion? Bluegrass? Afro-Beat? The three members of Goat Motor could probably explain their style of music about as well as they could explain how they came up with the name Goat Motor. One fact remains true; they LOVE music. So much that they now travel with three iPod's on every trip; one for each member and each one equipped with completely different music. It's no secret that Goat Motor does not like to be pigeon-holed and they have proved that by sharing stages with all walks of music. There is a firm belief that if you only listen to one style of music it will alienate you from expanding and growing not only as a musician, but as an individual. Outside a recent Chicago show someone was overheard asking 'so is this a 'Jam Band?'' To that her friend replied, 'It's Rock n' Roll. They Rock.' No words ring more true when describing Goat Motor's debut self-titled LP. Working with prominent Chicago producer Rick Barnes, Goat Motor meticulously replicates their hard-driven Rock and Blues live show with 10 selected original compositions. Each track - featuring lead and backing vocals by all three members - with a different story to tell; lyrically and instrumentally. Fire Water offers a more straight-forward Rock piece absent of the extended improvised guitar solos and jams coveted by several of the bands past heroes. Settle Down best signifies the groups transition from a mere 3 piece 'Jam Band' to the hard-hitting Rock n' Roll power trio it has become. Fan favorite High & Mighty (not to be mistaken with a recent release by former power-trio Gov't Mule - which was written two years after) takes a tongue-in-cheek stab at the world of Rock asking the eminent question 'How Can You Rock?' Three Brothers offers a more sincere side to the band featuring stellar lyrics and vocals by drummer Dan McMurray. Without even having intentions on releasing How Could I Be So Blind (appositely known as HCIBSB or as the band pronounces it 'Hick-a-bips') it delivers a prompt funk feel infrequently heard in recent Goat Motor pieces. The album closes out with Badlands in which the band experiments in a heavy 'Sabbath-esque' tuning rounding out quite possibly the only way to describe this band; Hard-driven Rock & Blues. After three years traveling and road-testing each song, this LP offers everything and more to the listener. It is 100% raw with not one stone left unturned, not one groove left un-crunched, and not one ass left un-kicked when you throw this 11 track masterpiece in to your preferred listening device. It may have taken nearly two years to make this album, but it was worth every minute.


Artist: Goat Motor
Title: Goat Motor
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 06/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 877319001260


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