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Black Era

Black Era

  • By Golem
  • Release 10/07/2006
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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GOLEM current line-up: OTTAVIO MARZO: GUITARS MATTEO DE BELLIS: VOCALS & GUITARS DOMENICO BOTTALICO: BASS RINO "BIG ROGER" RICCO: DRUMS Golem was formed back in 2000 in the south of Italy. The band as it was at the time consisted of Ottavio Marzo (guitars and backing vocals), Nicola Esposito (vocals and guitars), Damiano Porcelli (drums) and Alex Martiradonna (bass). A 4 songs demo was recorded and soon after the band released it as "FLAMES OF WRATH". In 2001 with a new line up consisting of Ottavio, Damiano and Nicola along with two new additions: Matteo De Bellis (guitars and backing vocals) and Domenico Bottalico on bass, Golem recorded and released their first official mini-CD "DEATH NEVER DIES" a thunderous debut with fast drums fills, melodic guitars solos, screaming vocals and powerful bass lines. Supported by an unflagging live promotion, made of neckbreaking shows, and by the enthusiastic reviews from the various magazine and webzines all over the world, Golem reached a deal with the French label DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS/ ADIPOCERE for the official release of "Death Never dies" worldwide. In 2004 Nicola left the band and Matteo became the full-time vocalist so as a 4-piece Golem recorded the four songs promo 'DEATH IN PROGRESS' exclusively directed to labels. In 2005 "BLACK ERA" was finally realeased, the first official full-lenght album, it was a huge step for the band: completely self-produced and distribuited with the help of RAZAR ICE RECORDS also via iTUNES, CDBABY.COM and others channels, "BLACK ERA" was a success. Made by 11 tracks of pure melodic death metal the band start the usual live promotion supported by the excellent reviews and good feedbacks by the metalheads all over the world. Beetween 2005 and 2007 the Golem enjoys every gigs from the biggest ones to the small ones and supports big names such: Natron, Panic Cell, Malevolent Creation, Finntroll, Pino Scotto, Gamma Ray, Tankard and much more. But in the of 2007 Damiano, Domenico, Ottavio and Matteo feels that something is missing so they take a pause from the stage action and began the songwriting process. In their new private studios "Golem Dungeon Studios" they rehearse hard to find new solution to their sound. The rumors spread wide about the band new sound and approach. In 2008 and 2009 Golem plays only few gigs, big summer festivals overall, the band was not sure about the sound of the new stuff and decided to postpone the recording sessions. 2010: some months before entering the studio Damiano left the band due to personal reasons. Golem recruit Rino "Big Roger" Ricco, from the southern-trash-monsters Cancrena, on drums. "ONE BULLET LEFT" was recorded by the guru of the mixer Giuseppe Dentamaro in their own "Golem Dungeon Studios" with Ottavio Marzo on guitars, Matteo De Bellis on guitars & vocals, Domenico Bottalico on bass and Big Roger Ricco on drums, and will be released in april 2011...everyone will witness what the band is now a huge, big well-oiled machine made of a mix of extreme aggressive and ultra-melodic modern metal.


Artist: Golem
Title: Black Era
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 10/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479344633


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