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Is It

Is It

  • By Gondwana
  • Release 10/10/2006
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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As though political boundaries had been drawn and fortified, musical genres today often stare at each other through scrolling razor-wire fences, or cracks in fortress walls that ensure seclusion from each other. Safe and confined, many musical phrases toss barbs back and forth like 'don't taint my jazz rap with your baroque classical' or 'hey, you got west coast hip hop on my western swing!' But sprinkled across the sonic landscape are other feisty and curious notes and tone sets that look to each other with hope and ask, 'heck, can't we all just get along?' There was a time, many millions of years ago, when they could. During the Mesozoic era, in a land called Gondwana, the world's tectonic plates, continents and musical notes all lived together in joyous harmony. Long before cognitive humans brought the need to corral, organize and segregate musical nuances into orderly categories and styles, the various notes of the world were free to run and play together in odd, whimsical, experimentally discordant or mesmerizingly elegant assortments. Sans the pretentiousness of being on a genre-busting mission, the Minneapolis-based quintet, Gondwana has crafted a modern homeland for these outcast, misfit notes. Gondwana isn't out to make a statement-they mix and match musical styles because it comes naturally and it's fun. The results are playful and highly listenable with musical complexities disguised beautifully in a lighthearted delivery, 'as if Monk were alive and playing TV-show themes,' said Jim Meyer in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Max Ray and Rochelle Becker play clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones and vocals. They have worked with notable bands such as The Wallets, Suburbs, Willy Murphy, and a host of others. Most comfortable when blowing hard and always highly entertaining. Composer/keyboardist Drew Gordon has worked with the Children's Theater Company, Nemesis Musical Theater and the Heights Theater. Currently in his 10th year as Musician In Residence at the University of Minnesota Dance Program. Winner of a Minnesota Music Award for Circuit, Hoop, Cycle, Loop as well as performing with the legendary band The New Psychenauts. Jerry Gorman started his Twin Cities music career with 80's local recording pop artists The Spam Grievance. Later joined the electric jazz improvisational fusion group Earth Size Hail. He also performed with Mean Larry and Friends - A tribute To Leonard Cohen and the 1999 Minnesota Music Awards. Larry Hennessy bought his first drumset in the Summer of Love and has been playing them ever since. During those 40 years he's played a lot of styles with a lot of people.


Artist: Gondwana
Title: Is It
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 10/10/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479397967


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