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  • By Gonstermachers
  • Release 06/03/2007
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Media Format CD
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"Wow! And I thought I\'d heard/experienced everything! This is as REAL as it gets, as original/fresh/urgent as it gets and it\'s STILL TOTALLY HONEST, RAW, BLUES (but with a brand new wagon!). Amazing musicianship! We love it!" - Andy Grigg, Real Blues \' Raw honest and authentic style that will amuse, entertain, and touch you deep in our musical soul. - Blueshammer, Blue Monday Monthly \' Deep south Blues as processed through dark and disturbed imaginings...quake, little mortals, and fear the darkness." - Sadie O. KZSU Zookeeper "Emotive, dark, richly textured...the more I listen to this CD the more I want to. It is an album to live with." - Billy Hutchinson, Blues Matters "A seductively creepy edge. They're cryptic and unsettling with danger lurking around every shadowy corner...Greasy blues harp undulate along hard-on percussion...massive freshman album. - - Doug Hill, Norman Transcript, UK "The fabulous Gonstermachers: this is really an original outfit... They are really stunning!" - Massimo Ferro - Radio Voce Spazio "With a lineup featuring ... and a sensibility that alternates the shambolic sounds of Tom Waits with energetic harp workouts, New York's Gonstermachers are bound to leave listeners both slightly nonplussed and amazed at their eponymous self-release." - Blues Revue "The Gonstermachers seem to be so much more than just a blues band. This music seemingly will not be labeled as one thing or another and that will make me come back to listen time and again." - Brett Fleming, WEVL \'From the dirge-laden wails of \'the night sam cooke died\' and \'left-handed man\' to the hard-driving Sonny Boy Williamson vibrancy of \'danse les macher,\' Gonstermachers mean business. Big shots indeed! No capital letters in their titles needed. It\'s \'cool down here\' and hot as hell in central NY where Gonstermachers work their old time kick-ass blend of brazen blues and haunting vocals. Incidentally \'saint james infirmary\' has been given a most welcome facelift.\' - Nick Santora, Producer "The Gonstermachers were the highlight of the Dinosaur BBQ stage for our 2005 Festival!" - Bernie Clarke, Director, New York State Blues Festival "The best local CD released in years....MAYBE EVER!!" - Russ Tarby, City Eagle "Deep, throaty vocals are matched perfectly with deep, melancholic tunes and if you're a harmonica fan, you're in for a great ride as some tunes that have awesome harmonica solos." - Herb Barbee, Roots and Blues Report "Blues fans beware, Gonstermachers have arrived!" - David Blue, Net Rhythms, UK \'Sounds as if it could have been recorded at the Chess studio in the 1950\'s. Full of hot harp. A bunch of cats out for a good time that know how to give you one as well.... A wild ride that is sure to catch your ear.\' - Don Crow, Music City Blues, Nashville " An upbeat, bent and warped version of roots music that is compelling and equally disturbing...The darkness that lurks under the surface isn\'t far from yowling to the surface." - Long Island Blues Society "My hats off to Leo Crandall, Curtis Waterman, Hymie Witthoft, and Richard Curry, for breaking the cycle and bringing a new and refreshing sound to all of us." - Tim Richard, Blues Source "The Gonstermachers are devoted to their form, and they\'ve studied and mastered it, and their songs are great." - Arthur Shuey, Blues Critic "Powerful elemental atmosphere, with, at times throughout the album an almost religious emotional inner peacefulness which sublimely is enforced... some of the finest sounding, fast and slow harp led musical expeditions which delve into soulful and at times plaintive blues." - Brian Harmon, Blue Art Studio "Their disparate sound is an offbeat amalgam of the artsy post-punk pretensions of Nick Cave, detached vocals of the late Mark Sandman (Morphine) and a little macabre imagery ala Tom Waits. This is not your Grandma\'s Blues; this is the post-modern nihilistic sort you\'d expect to hear behind film noir. This eclectic \'art/blues\' is certainly an acquired taste but fans of the referenced artists (Waits, Morphine, Cave) shouldn\'t think twice." - Dylann DeAnna, Blues Critic "Gonstermachers pour in their hearts and shake down the house." - Palladium Times "It's like nothing you've eve heard before. It's fantastic." - Scott Allyn, Music Director, The Redhouse "Accomplished yet raunchy, crowd pleasing and fascinating to watch." - Julie Pinnsoneault, Syracuse New Times "Dark side of the blues..." - Dinosaur BBQ \'The Gonstermachers are un-f***ing-believable. They are the most original thing I\'ve seen in a long time. They define originality.\' - Dennis F. Kinsey, Head Honcho Hondo Mesa Records "A diverse mix I've really, really grown to like." - Tony Steidlter-Dennison, Roadhouse Podcast "Digs into earthy traditions and wonderful character blossoms." - Mark Bialczak Post Standard "This is THE shit!" - Roosevelt Dean "The most exciting band in New York" - Mark Legott, Executive Director Aurorafest "So much talent and personality ... live performances are just beyond words." - Paula Chapman, WAER FM.


Artist: Gonstermachers
Title: Gonstermachers
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 06/03/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880336003223


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