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Born to Boogie

Born to Boogie

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Headliner performers at Skraidantis Dramblys '98 (Flying Elephant '98) children's music festival, Palanga, Lithuania. 'Born To Boogie' Song List Seven Nights To Read - A re-make of an early fifties Rock and Roll song promoting the opportune times to read and write. Hibernation - A 'swampy' feel outlining the different ways animals survive the long, cold winters up North. Sailin' Up/Sailin' Down - A Jimmy Reed influenced number celebrating the joys of spending time on Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. Catchin' Frogs - Let's wade into those Muddy Waters in search of amphibians! Down On The Funny Farm - A light-hearted look at some atypical animals who don't fit conventional molds. (Airplay in New Zealand) Five More Minutes - Everybody can relate to the school clock on the wall. Friends - A song about the different kinds of friends you can have. I Like Trees - A Bo Diddley style tribute to our tall friends. Water - A moist testimonial to our most valuable resource. ReCycle It - A reggae-esque celebration of a necessary endeavor. Gr. 3-6. Bowing to a range of big-name country, rock 'n' roll, rhythm 'n' blues, and reggae musicians, the four Good Rockin' Daddies competently sing their eclectic repertoire with enthusiasm, not to mention a catchy beat. Ten songs include three environmental tunes, one each on self-esteem and school, two recreational ones, a couple of educational songs, and one just for fun. The style for each of these songs pretty much meets the definition of boogie, which makes the didactic stuff palatable and the fun stuff downright danceable. Science teachers, especially, should like the half of this album that features supplemental lessons on amphibians, mammals, and recycling. --John Sigwald, Booklist Magazine, March 1997 The Good Rockin' Daddies will teach your children how to rock and roll and learn the importance of life around them, and they will love every minute of it. The music is excellent, and that's from my viewpoint as a reviewer, not looking through a child's eyes. As impressive as the talent level is from a musical standpoint, the messages are just as important. Your children will hear positive reinforcements concerning respect for all life while learning and having fun doing it. Having fun learning is very important. I have found with my own children that if they are enjoying themselves learning becomes easy. This music is one of the great tools available to foster a good learning atmosphere for your child at home. One look at my kids while they were listening to this music told the story. My daughter (3 yrs.) was sitting in a rocking chair with a grin from ear to ear all the while rocking back and forth to the beat. My son (6 yrs.) just gets into groove so easily, I swear that child was born to boogie. Both children's hearts were filled with joy, it made me smile inside. This is wiggle your bum music, as my kids would say. Pick it up and wiggle together, family style. -MuzikMan/March 08, 2000 While listening to this lively collection of tunes, it suddenly occurred to me that I was hearing Buddy Holly. I checked the cover again. No.. Mr. Holly left this planet long before these boys even thought of playing music. But I had not heard Rock n' Roll Music like this since I put up my old collection of 45's way back in 97'. I listened further. I'll be darned if I didn't hear a riff from the old standby 'Hide Away' by Freddy King. Yes, it's true that this album was made primarily to introduce children to Rock n'Roll but it is also true that it is as good as any of the 50's classics. The lyrics are what make it different, however. They extol the virtues of taking care of the planet and of each other...not the typical rock n' roll that we listened to a long time ago. You'd be hard pressed to find another collection of songs like this anywhere. We've tried. If you like Rock n' Roll like I do you'll see immediately that the Good Rockin' Daddies know their stuff. Play it in the car! -David Galvan, 'To The Bone' Reviewer.


Artist: Good Rockin' Daddies
Title: Born to Boogie
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 19/02/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 660654835429


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