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  • By Greta Post
  • Release 29/03/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'Willing', the new Album release from pop/alt rockers Greta Post, reveals this band has come to play in the big leagues. The musical journey from the opening track 'Willing' (a smash single!) throughout all the CD's generously given 13 songs ... left me feeling both refreshed and energized, a rare accomplishment in today's times.' Four Stars & Pushing! **** ~ Billy Blixt (producer - gavin radio chart top 40) How it all began... With a name like Vagabond Souls, you know... it came from the nineties! Mick Spray and Jim Lewis were the founders of a band in the nineties called Vagabond Souls. This band was created once the two had returned to Indiana from Los Angeles where they lived and played for many years. Allen Paurazas and Charles Higgins were just starting to form a band in Indiana in the early nineties. Soon after Mick & Jim arrived back in Indiana, they auditioned Allen for the bass playing duties in Vagabond Souls. Right away they knew they had the right guy! The band went on to record two four song demo tapes. A year or so later, after the original singer moved away, Charles auditioned and became the newest member. This new group's musical direction changed slightly but, more importantly, there was a renewed energy and focus on writing songs and making records. These four members are the original Greta Post. Phase 1 complete! In the late nineties, the founders, Mick & Jim both decided to pursue other life & music making ventures. Allen & Charles pushed on as Greta Post with various other members throughout the years. Greta Post started out with a six song EP titled 'Out of Storage'. Soon after, Greta Post released a full length CD titled 'Fade In'. Both recordings were successful! These two recordings established Greta Post with some initial radio play and the opportunity to play hundreds of shows in and around Indiana. Greta Post's high energy live shows are what made them one of central Indiana's best and most favorite original rock bands! None of the members could have guessed what was to happen in the 00's! As fate would have it the Greta Post venture had slowed to a crawls pace and their glorious rock-n-roll journey looked like it may come to an end. However, original guitarist and founder Mick Spray returned to the band armed with some of the best songs he'd ever written as well as a new aggressive energy to continue the bands success! And, as you might have guessed, it wasn't long before Jim Lewis was back behind the drum kit! The original Greta Post now continues writing songs, making records and entertaining thousands with their music!!!


Artist: Greta Post
Title: Willing
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29/03/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656605980126


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