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Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse

Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse

(Duplicated CD)
  • By A Gruesome Find
  • Release 26/11/2007
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £7.96

Product Notes

Brought to life in April of 1998, the incarnation of A Gruesome Find began with founding member and lead guitarist Lord Mininger (ex-Carrion), who possessed the single desire to create extremely heavy, yet melodic metal accompanied with vivid atmosphere. Having played in several death metal bands, he was tired of the monotony in the local scene and was striving for something more worthwhile. Music was written and many shows were played to support the effort, but after a few lineup changes, Lord Mininger found himself at square one again. In September 2001, with the addition of drummer Deathcrush and bassist Isaac Cain, the group found themselves with a renewed focus and quickly compiled enough material to enter the studio in February 2002. The five-song EP, Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse was recorded at Dimmworks Studios in Akron, Ohio. After extensive promotion, the new EP was well received by metal fans and embraced as a concrete achievement for the band. The band experienced a brief interruption in the Spring of 2002 which left them in need of a new vocalist. Without missing a beat, ex-Reflections of Death front-man, Naberius, stepped in to fill the ranks. The band was playing shows again within three weeks of his arrival. His amazing gutteral vocal style and lyrical tyranny was a substantial addition to the group. A Gruesome Find continued writing new material at a feverish pace and once again, entered Dimmworks Studios in November 2002 to record their first full-length CD, The Fire that Burns in Hell, released in August of 2003. Distributed all over the world, the album found a favorable following in South America and Europe. The band saw an international debut release on Crash Music in 2005 for their second full-length release Minions Engage, recorded at Dimmworks Studios over the course of several months in 2004-2005. With minimal label support, the band found themselves promoting the CD out of their own pockets once again. The ordeal caused some turbulence within the band's ranks, producing high tensions and unneeded negativity. With the morale at an all time low, longtime drummer and bass player decided to leave the musical project. Approximately nine months later, after a sullen hiatus, Lord Mininger charged ahead and initiated a new lineup featuring ex-Forever Lost drummer Lord Cessna and Genocya bassist Lord Albrecht. The newly revised quartet began rehearsal during the winter months and entered the walls of Dimmworks Studios in June of 2007. Six months to the day from entering the studio, Of Blood and Nobility was at last released upon the masses. Of Blood and Nobility continues in the great A Gruesome Find tradition of thick riffs, pounding drums, grim-throated vocals and thunderous bass. Clad in a 6-panel Digi-Pak, this brutal offering brings close to an hour of music and is by far the most accomplished music A Gruesome Find has written to date, creating a milestone in the band's career. With a powerful production and catchy song-writing, Of Blood and Nobility exceeds in keeping the listener's attention and continues to receive esteemed feedback and admiration since it's release. A Gruesome Find is currently looking to book shows and gain potential label support while they continue to promote Of Blood and Nobility. 'A Gruesome Find is one of the best black metal groups I've heard that have come from the states. The guitars start out the intro for the tracks and are closely followed by the drum beat. Everything is laid down quite heavily, as a black metal band should do, but not so heavily as to be idiotic and make them seem desperate to come across as dark. The vocals are well utilized throughout the tracks. The drums and guitars are incredibly well used, working together to lay down the beat in a way that blends them together into a perfect sound. A Gruesome Find have all the potential to surpass all expectation.' - Explicitly Intense Magazine.


Artist: A Gruesome Find
Title: Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse
Genre: Heavy Metal
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 26/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479673580
This product is a special order


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