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Speak Low

Speak Low

  • By Hans Salomon
  • Release 06/05/2008
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Featuring Anna Lauvergnac featuring Jacqueline Patricio featuring Lady P. (vocal) Robert Schönherr - piano Hannes Strasser - bass Harald Gansberger - piano Harald Putz - bass Erwin Schmidt - piano Walter Grossrubatscher - drums Joschi Schneeberger - bass Mario Gonzi - drums Karl Prosenik - drums Oliver Kent - piano Melissa Coleman - cello In November ´99 my quartet was booked to play at the jazz club 'Davis' in Vienna, and the featured singer was to be Jacqueline Patricio. The piano player for this particular gig was Robert Schönherr, and since Robert had never played with Jacqueline before, he wanted to have at least two rehearsals with her. Robert is a busy doctor with limited time, so he suggested we rehearse at his apartment. The sound of just the three of us was absolute magic and after a few tunes, Robert asked, 'Why don't we record this?' After thinking about it, I realized I had been in the music business for 50 years and had always recorded for somebody else. I have arranged or conducted for The Vienna Big Band Machine, the Blue Note Big Band, the Moonlight Orchestra, the Austrian Radio Orchestra, the ORF Big Band, and for Art Farmer's record Gentle Eyes, and Toni Stricker's record As Time Goes By. But this was a new idea, to record music I like to play -with my own quartet. The day we were expected to play at 'Davis' Jacqueline had to cancel because of a high fever. I decided to call a singer I knew but had never worked with, an Italian lady living in Vienna by the name of Anna Lauvergnac. It turned out to be a great evening, even without a rehearsal. Hannes Strasser was on bass and Walter Grassmann on drums. Later on Robert and I were still thinking about recording. Many of my friends, as well as my children, tried to convince me that I should do it. So that's how the whole thing started, and it soon became a monster project. In recent years I have played with many wonderful musicians, so it was not easy to decide who to ask to play bass and drums. The piano player seemed to be obvious - Robert Schönherr. He, however, in his gentle manner, suggested that I should also ask some of the other piano players I have worked with. He suggested, too, that we record in his penthouse - first of all because of his great Steinway grand piano and second because of the acoustics and the atmosphere. He hired Uli Goebel, with his mobile recording equipment, to be the technician. All the artists I asked to play on this album were very enthusiastic about the project and nobody asked for any money. After selling the first million I will treat them all to a coffee! The first session started with Erwin Schmidt's trio, with Erwin on piano, Joschi Schneeberger on bass and Walter Grossrubatscher on drums, and I think it turned out very nice. The next was another fine singer on the Vienna music scene, 'Lady P,' along with Harald Gansberger on piano, Harald Putz on bass, Karl Prosenik on drums, plus myself. The next combination was Robert on piano, with Hannes Strasser or Joschi on bass and Mario Gonzi on drums. Jacqueline and Anna also sang with them. The next piano player was Aaron Wonesch. Finally, there was Melissa Coleman on cello playing on the intro of our version of Frank Sinatra's recording of 'Good-Bye', and along with her was piano player number five, Oliver Kent, with me in duet. The next step was the mixing, for several days, in the studio of my old friend, Rens Newland. And finally I did the mastering with Robert Eder. I want to thank all the great artists who performed with me on this album, Uli Goebel for his fine recording, and Robert's wife, for her patience with all the chaos in her house. Hans Salomon.


Artist: Hans Salomon
Title: Speak Low
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 06/05/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9006317202824


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