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Harold Hill

Harold Hill

  • By Harold Hill
  • Release 01/10/2002
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Harold Hill keeps rolling on, keeps making music, and keeps making progress in bringing his talent to the world at large. He focuses on taking his case to the people who matter most to him -- the audience. He has success on a grass roots level. He has a lot of friends. He has experience. He has as much potential as he has 'irons in the fire.' A lot. If humble roots and hard work are building blocks for success, Harold Hill, is 'the real deal.' He was raised 'back up in the holler' near Big Stone Gap, VA. He grew up listening to the mountain music of the area. He says one of his first memories of television is watching Dolly Parton on the regional 'Cas Walker' program. He's been pursuing his dream since early on. From singing in church as a boy, to regional musical theater productions (full-time every summer from age 8 to 18), to his own local bands, to a music scholarship, he's laid the groundwork. As an adult, from a brief career in radio to a life on the road as an entertainer, singer, songwriter and bandleader, Harold Hill has been committed to achievement in music all his life. For a few years from a home-base in Charlotte, NC, then on to Nashville where he calls home today, Harold has traveled throughout the United States, presenting his road show performances in night clubs and hotel lounges, always increasing his following. He's performed at diverse large events from Nashville's Fan Fair to the Statler Brothers' 4th Of July Celebration to being a regional winner in the True Value Country Showdown at the Delaware State Fair. Nashville wasn't new to Harold when he arrived. The radio business and subsequent musical endeavors like Fan Fair had brought him there many times, and he has since made Nashville his home. This musical journey for Harold Hill is now coming to fruit in some unique and unexpected ways, and, with the recent release of his debut album on CD, he continues to seek success. Little by little, he's finding it. His work with the ongoing Music World entertainment project in Kentucky has earned him a commission from Governor Paul Patton as a member of the Honorary Order of Kentucky Colonels and a presentation by the Commonwealth Business Academy of that organization's Arena Award. His work with Music World has also allowed him to forego working on the road for awhile and allowed him more time in Music City pursuing development as a songwriter and growing as an artist. He writes with other songwriters as well, and has performed at Nashville's premiere songwriter showcase venues like the Bluebird Cafe. Finally having enough radio-oriented material on hand for himself as an artist, he has proceeded on an independent label with his first major budget recording. With roles as both the producer of the album and record company entrepreneur, he is now bringing his music to old and new friends worldwide on the Internet via his web site and an electronic newsletter/fan club. Internet sales success will allow regular tours after the initial promotions that are now following the release of the debut CD. Harold Hill is a dedicated artist. He makes music that he enjoys, and those around him seem to enjoy it as well. And though he'll be the first to tell you his success to date has been a struggle, he makes light of it and plays up the fact that it is the journey that counts most. His philosophy is contagious, and one cannot be around him without getting the feeling that something very special is going to happen very soon. There is much more to Harold Hill as a person than his career as an artist. Anyone who knows him sees how happy he is at home with his wife Linda and their 4 year-old daughter Cheyenne. But though he's been off the road for a couple of years building his life, the fact that Harold Hill's country music career has been a substantial part of that life to date should be noted. He'll be the first to tell you that he is about making music and considers country music his life's work. There is much to be said for an artist who can 'get across' to his audience that he is just one of them. His persona is that he's just a regular guy who puts his mind and his effort to it in order to share some music. He has the required character traits, and the way he's gathering friends and fans, commercial success should be very close. An examination of his life shows anyone interested that he has country roots, that he loves country music, that he loves country people, and that he is a notable country personality on any level of success. If you are inclined to be a country music fan, Harold Hill is a 'bootstrapping' success story in the making, and essential listening if for that reason alone. He's an original.


Artist: Harold Hill
Title: Harold Hill
Genre: Country
Release Date: 01/10/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 602977057126


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