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Hell City Love

Hell City Love

  • By Hell City Love
  • Release 10/06/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

HELL CITY LOVE After a long time in the making Hell City Love became a reality in the beginning of 2001. Coming straight from the underground of Hell City (Halifax NS, Canada) they've lit a fire under the ass of rock and roll making people pay attention. A quick rise on the local scene has helped the band to achieve a strong following and a solid reputation in a very short time. Infamous music critic and writer Ronald Thomas Clontle has said 'Hell City Love rock, and they have the potential to rule, without a doubt.' Sterling J. Ramone himself has said 'There is finally someone who can fill the long empty void in rock music, this band will blow you away. Think the directness of Motorhead with the songwriting of Johnny Thunders, throw in the attitude of The Stooges and the drunken unpredictability of early Replacements and you've got the basic formula for Hell City Love.' Comparisons to Fear, The New York Dolls and the Damned have come out of more than a few well-informed mouths. Fueled by alcohol and volume the band has become known for a memorable live show where the audience is just as much part of the experience as the band. Already the band has shared the stage with such artists as Nashville Pussy, Guided by Voices, Reverend Horton Heat and April Wine among many others and managed to win new fans with every show they play. Hell City's newest heroes, Hell City Love are an electrifying display of the true spirit of rock. People can love them or hate them, but there is no ignoring them. They command their audience and own the stage with their songs that will make you want to get on up, shake ya ass and watch yo'self. In the words of the mighty Desmond Troyer 'We make no excuses, no apologies, if you don't like it face the f*cking wall!' Produced by Brobdingnagian Records mastermind Dennis Stewart the debut EP was recorded over a drunken three day period in the remote Tanta Lon wastelands past the outskirts of Hell City. Recorded with the help of the same team that has worked with Funkadelic and mixed Ted Nugent's seminal Cat Scratch Fever album is a concise example of what the band is made of: hard driving rock riffs with an undeniable sense of melody and lyrics that push the envelope and get stuck in your head like a tumor. The band is made up of three very distinct personalities and backgrounds all coming together to produce a guttural mix of hard rock attitude and oh so catchy tunes. Heading the band is the larger than life and completely unstoppable Desmond Troyer; master of offensive stage banter, king of beer spitting and the man-beast behind the loud guitars and vocals that sound like they're coming straight from hell. He'll have you singing along to every single chorus before the show is over. Spryfield native Daye Vasslehoff holds down the low end strutting around the stage with the attitude of a seasoned rock veteran and a need for alcohol that AA couldn't help. He has a strange love for chains and shiny things and a masters degree in metal. Newly reformed Tantalonese terrorist Sirpena Trator is the king of rhythm, beating his skins like a chronic masturbator and keeping this rock machine in tight shape night after night. Reviews: Calgary Straight 'The guttural bark of vocalist Desmond Troyer and meaty, fuzz-laden riffs of Hell City Love aren't entirely distant from the Stooges, Johnny Thunders and Fear (groups Hell City Love claim to be influenced by), but make no mistake, this is more reminiscent of post-'80s metal, minus the eyeliner and spandex. And believe it or not, that's okay. There aren't many bands spewing out simple, bombastic tracks like 'Forced Entry' (the chorus of which - ahem! - is 'My baby likes forced entry...') or 'The Hunter,' a metal duet the likes of which haven't been heard since England's Girlschool teamed up with Motorhead for the '80s single 'Please Don't Touch.' While the potential for pure cheese is always present (masterfully achieved in some places), Hell City Love save themselves by keeping one foot in the garage and displaying zero pretension as they lay down their sloppy, bottom-heavy grooves. Hats off to the Brobdingnagian label for scraping yet another muck-encrusted gem out of Halifax's gutters.' -Rick Overwater Now Magazine 4 stars (of 5) 'Is somebody putting rock 'n' roll pills in Halifax's drinking water? This very promising debut EP from Hell City Love rocks somethin' fierce, with totally sing-along choruses, catchy melodies, hard-ass riffage and those cheese-grater lead vocals obviously directly inspired by the Kilmeister. Gotta love the oft off-key backup chick belting out, 'I know my baby likes forced entry' and the tongue-in-cheek attitude. Yer basic hard rockers like After Midnight Cowboy and The Hunter can only serve to brighten up a room. A full-length release from these Maritimers is anxiously awaited.' -EB Caustic Truths 4 stars (of 5) 'The Canadian answer to the kick ass rock and roll stylings of a band like the Supersuckers and Turbonegro. No bull just 5 great tracks that prove that Canadian rock is more than powerful than Nickelback or Sum 41 will ever be.' -Steve Servos Dalhousie Gazette 'They may possibly be the most hated band in the city, but they also have the fastest growing following. Rebounding after the tragic departure of lead singer Kitty Delicious, Hell City Love has created a five song EP of full frontal force with gargantuan guitarist Des Troyer taking over the live vocal duties. Kicking and Screaming was this year's 'feel good hit of the summer'. For those who are offended by the lyrics, you're not listening carefully enough... some people LIKE it rough (while you're cringing in the missionary position).' -RK Stylus Magazine 'This is one of the best straight-up rock records I've heard in a long time. Halifax's Hell City Love swagger their way through this five-song jolt of rock n' roll adrenaline. The songs follow a basic mid-tempo, hard rock structure, while the delivery is nothing less than spectacular. The band's bio compares Hell City Love to the likes of Motorhead, New York Dolls, and the Stooges, while Winnipeggers could easily picture the band sharing a stage with the VaGiants. With songs like the anthemic 'Hero for the Damned', the over-the-top 'Forced Entry', or the surprisingly poppy 'Kicking and Screaming', Hell City Love are poised to gain a keen following for their brand of beer soaked rock n' roll. ' -Phil Heidenreich Carbon 14 'From the relatively distant if not remote confines of Halifax, Nova Scotia rolls Hell City Love. This three piece lays down a heavyweight rock and roll barrage. It's kinda like a very heavy '70s hard rock sound on steroids all through a punk rock filter.' - Larry Kay The Coast 'Pick Of The Week!'


Artist: Hell City Love
Title: Hell City Love
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/06/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 620673164825


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