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Island Life

Island Life

  • By Hollywood
  • Release 28/03/2006
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

For all fans of Weather Report, Jeff Lorber, and Bob James, this is the one CD you have been waiting for. This adventurous collection of tunes, has it all, daring guitars solos, tasty keyboards, and covers of Coltrane's My Favorite Things, The Carpenters' Close 2 U, and Lush, Orchestrated Compositions. This is the debut outing from Hollywood from Captain February Productions. Don't miss this one Hi this is Hollywood, I just wanted to thank you all for buying my CD and give you some insight to each track on the CD. SUNSHINE starts out as a Latin Groove and quickly goes into a 70's upbeat and positive groove hence the title. It has a very cool bridge and vamp. By the way I am playing all the instruments you hear including guitars on this track. MY FAVORITE THINGS features my good friend Tim Anderson on Tenor sax. I love the Coltrane vibe he put on this. I based this arrangement on the Classic John Coltrane 1961 Atlantic Records release. This is probably my dad's favorite jazz tune. I remember hearing this around the house at a very early age. I play a short synthersizer solo before we go back to the melody and vamp on this one. ISLAND GIRLS is one of my favorites on the album. I was going for the feeling of being at the beach on a sunny day with fiends and seeing a pretty girl walking along the beach. It is my clever way of basing a melody from Miles Davis album TUTU and the bridge from the 70's TV classic The Odd Couple. Go figure. VALLEY SHUFFLE is a tune I wrote when I first moved to the San Fernando Valley. It was my impression of what I felt. It is kind of my tribute to one of my favorite guitarist Larry Carlton. It has a very childlike melody, with very sophisticated chord changes underneath it. SNOW WOOD ISLAND was named after my Japanese girlfriend at the time t's her named translated from Japanese. It has a Japanese quality and definitely an Island feel. It features guitarist Jeff Miley who had never heard the song before we recorded it that day. This is his first take. Check it out. REMIND ME is a old school 70's R&B classic from the beautiful and talented Patrice Rushen. Thanks for the great song. I hope this version inspires people to go back and check out the original. SKYDIVING is my fun tribute to one of my heroes, keyboardist Jim Beard. If you have never heard his music, I suggest you go to your favorite music store right away. It reminds me of what Beethoven would sound like if he were alive today. I bet he would be funky just like this. TELL ME A BEDTIME STORY A beautiful song where I get to play a romantic song and show a side of me that very few people get to see. What would a keyboardist album be without a nod to the master Herbie Hancock. OVER THE RAINBOW was an arrangement that I came up with while working a room service gig in St. Louis, MO. I came up with the Idea that morning and recorded the demo that night. On the original demo it was 9 mins. Long and had a crazy bass solo near the end. You will have to catch me LIVE to hear what that sounded like. CLOSE 2 U was arranged for my Brazillian girlfriend at the time. That was her favorite Karoke song. I wrote the music long before I ever thought to put that melody to it. I credited Richard Carpenter on the CD, but it was actually written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Sometimes I am amazed at variety of influences on this CD. The last track on the CD is PLEASURE ISLAND, I wanted to leave the listner with the feeling of what is to come from future Hollywood releases. Jaco Pastorius fans if you listen closely you will hear the bassline from Kuru/Speak like a child from Jaco's brilliant debut album. I am doing my best Toots Thielemans Harmonica and Hubert Laws flute impressions on this tune. As you listen to the fade out at the end I just want you to know that all an artist ever wants is to share a little of themselves as an artist and individual and if anyone likes it, it just an extra added bonus. I didn't choose music . music chose me. Until next time, Buy a CD! Any CD!


Artist: Hollywood
Title: Island Life
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 28/03/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479278884


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